MITA Scholarships

Scholarships for Students Specialising in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT)

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The Centre for Distributed Ledger Technologies (“CDLT”) at the University of Malta (“University” or “UM”) is seeking to attract students through a scholarship scheme kindly made available by the Malta Information Technology Agency (“MITA”).

The Scholarships forming part of this scheme will enable students to read for Masters and Ph.D. programmes which focus on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT) within any applicable discipline and programme offered at UM (subject to eligibility terms as follows).

Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for a Scholarship, the following criteria must be satisfied:
(a) Course
Scholarships are available with regards courses at the University:

i. Starting from academic year 2018/19 or academic year 2019/2020 or academic year 2020/2021. Provided that the Scholarships may also be available with regards to courses already underway during the above-mentioned academic years subject, however, to availability of funds and fulfilment of the following requirements. Provided further that any Scholarships awarded with respect to courses already underway as aforesaid shall only cover tuition/enrolment fees and bench fees from the date of award onwards and not from date of commencement of the relevant course;

ii. Consisting of a postgraduate degree programme including a Ph.D.; &

iii. On a full time or part-time basis; &

iv. Having, in the case of a taught-based postgraduate degree programme, at least a minimum of thirty (30) ECTS credits (whether in the form of a dissertation consisting of a minimum of 30 ECTS credits or in the form of individual study-units that together make up 30 ECTs credits) directly related to DLTs; or

v. In the case of a research-based postgraduate degree programme, the focus of such programme should be directly related to DLTs.

(b) Other Criteria
In addition to the above criteria, the applicants must:
i. Be Maltese nationals or nationals of another State who are entitled to equal access to education under the same conditions as Maltese nationals in accordance with EU law; &

ii. Have submitted an online application for a postgraduate degree programme (as per (a) above) and be in possession of an unconditional letter of acceptance for this programme issued by the University of Malta or be in their first year of studies in a postgraduate degree programme (as per (a) above); in the case of taught Masters, students who have applied but not yet received their unconditional letter of acceptance may provisionally apply for the scholarship; &

iii. NOT be in receipt of a full scholarship from another sponsoring institution or organisation. However, an applicant who holds a partial scholarship, from another institution may also be considered. Such a grant should be disclosed to the Selection Board when applying.

Students in their final year of undergraduate or other postgraduate studies who receive their final classification results after the closing date shall be allowed to submit a provisional application for the Scholarships.

Application Process

Complete applications are to be sent by email to by not later than July 26th 2020 at Midnight (Central European Summer Time) and need to be accompanied by the following documents:
(a) Detailed transcript of degree/s and any other tertiary level qualifications; &

(b) A motivational letter highlighting the applicant’s interest in Blockchain and DLT, how the course and work involved is relevant to Blockchain and DLT; &

(c) In the case of a research-based postgraduate degree programme, a research proposal;

(d) Copy of passport/ID card; &

(e) Two reference letters from former/current employers or academic tutors; &

(f) Curriculum Vitae; &

(g) Acceptance letter from the University of Malta indicating unconditional acceptance for the respective course; or in the case of current students, the unconditional letter of acceptance as well as an official transcript of the results already obtained; in the case of taught Masters, students who have applied but not yet received their unconditional letter of acceptance may provisionally apply for the scholarship; &

(h) Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship duly signed by the applicant.
Terms can be downloaded: here

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

The Selection Process

All valid Scholarship applications shall be reviewed by the Selection Board to be composed of representatives of the University of Malta and MITA.

Short-listed applicants shall be called for an interview, which may be undertaken via the Internet. It is the responsibility of the applicants to be available on the date and time communicated to them for the interview. No alternative arrangements shall be made to change the date and time of the interview unless there is some circumstance deemed to be exceptional at the discretion of the Selection Board that in such a case may require supporting documentation.

The University of Malta does not assume any responsibility if an interview undertaken via the internet fails to materialise properly due to any technical reason that is beyond the control of the University.

The Selection Criteria

The Selection Board will be guided by the following principles: Diversity across disciplines and academic excellence. To this end, the following criteria will be used to evaluate valid Scholarship applications:

(a) Degree/s classification and other tertiary level qualifications; &

(b) Motivational letter;&

(c) Reference letters; &

(d) The quality of the research proposal where required; &

(e) The quantity of Blockchain and DLT related ECTS credits; &

(f) Interview (if held); &

(g) Explicit acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Scholarship, some of which are listed below.

However, a Scholarship shall not be awarded unless and until the relative Scholarship Agreement between the University of Malta and the prospective awardee is signed. If a prospective awardee fails or refuses to sign the Scholarship Agreement, the Scholarship may be awarded to another student according to the respective rankings following the selection.

The decision of the Selection Board is final.

Some Terms and Conditions of the Scholarship

(a) Awardees may be asked to:
i. Deliver up to two (2) sessions / presentations on the research conducted by the awardees themselves; &

ii. Focus their dissertation / projects on areas of interest to MITA.

(b) The University of Malta reserves the right to review and revoke the award at any time if any information disclosed is later found to be untrue; &

(c) Awardees who do not complete their studies or who fail the Course, apart from duly- justified cases such as serious illness or demise of the awardee, shall reimburse the funds awarded in full; &

(d) In the event that an awardee changes units and no longer undertakes units directly related to DLTs, the awardee shall also reimburse the funds awarded in full; &

(e) Awardees shall be bound to acknowledge MITA and the CDLT (University of Malta) in the respective dissertation. 

Further information available from: here.

Full terms to be signed and submitted can be downloaded: here.