Our facilities

Theoretic teaching is held within the Medical School facilities. Preclinical training is conducted at state-of-the-art pre-clinical dental skills laboratories situated in the Biomedical Buildings at the Msida Campus and two dental technology laboratories within Mater Dei Hospital. Clinical training is currently held in the teaching clinics situated at the Faculty Teaching Clinics at Mater Dei Hospital and at St Vincent De Paul Geriatric Residence.

Community dentistry practice is held in diverse community settings by means of the Faculty’s Mobile Dental Unit. This Mobile Dental Unit was proudly sponsored by private industry in collaboration with the University of Malta's RIDT (Research, Innovation and Development trust) and Faculty. This popular service exposes our students to diverse patients from different backgrounds. The Mobile Dental Unit allows our Faculty to conduct ongoing epidemiological research, serving as a scientific basis for the updating the content of our academic courses whilst also providing the necessary evidence for policy makers.

We are currently establishing another clinical teaching area outside Mater Dei Hospital, to further provide a holistic clinical teaching experience for all its students whilst providing dental services to the Maltese community at large.