CPD Committee

Several aspects of the Faculty’s vision point towards the need for continued professional development of staff in order to be in a better position to implement the aspirations expressed.

Staff CPD, for instance, is crucial given that the Faculty aims to be a hub of innovative and cutting edge educational research and practice, and a leader in promoting sound educational practices. Staff CPD also contributes greatly to the creation of a community of learners and of practice that shares similar goals and has the knowledge, skills, competence, and dispositions to promote an educated public in a participatory democracy.

CPD is therefore of critical importance to the Faculty, and a responsibility that can be pursued individually, within departmental, disciplinary and research groups and committees, and by the faculty as a whole. It is a means to promote quality, as well as a sense of purpose and belonging. As such, staff are expected to commit themselves to their own professional development, exploiting opportunities and resources meaningfully and strategically. Such opportunities are announced through a faculty calendar of events, which could include professional development sessions organised by other entities locally (e.g. by the education directorates) and overseas (e.g. international conferences).

The CPD committee sees its role as a facilitator of such professional development, particularly at a faculty-wide level. It recognises that several CPD initiatives are available to staff, whether as a result of individual initiative, through participation in local and international conferences, and through contributing as a team member in research projects. Many CPD activities are organised within and across departments, or by the University’s own professional development team. The Faculty’s CPD sets out to add value to such initiatives by identifying specific needs of the Faculty of Education staff, whether full-time or part-time.

Continued Professional Development Committee

Prof. Carmel Borg

Dr Michelle Attard Tonna
Dr Elena Tanti Burlo
Dr James Calleja
Prof. Christopher Bezzina
Dr Josephine Deguara
Dr Joseph Giordmaina

Ms Jennifer Vella