Ph.D. Committee

The Doctoral Committee's overall task is to ensure that all persons who register as doctoral candidates with the Faculty of Education get the best possible service, including quality support and guidance, during their doctoral journey.

This support and guidance entails three key aspects:

  1. First, candidates are encouraged to prepare themselves thoroughly before submitting a formal research proposal. For this purpose the Doctoral Committee provides guidance about a suitable focus for their thesis, and about potential supervisors. Key duties of the Doctoral Committee here include the evaluation of a Letter of Intent, followed by an evaluation of a formal proposal. In both instances, candidates are provided with detailed feedback so that the research project can start off on a sound footing. Information about the process of completing a doctoral degree, from the pre-registration stage to the submission and examination stage, is provided in a transparent and clear manner through the Doctoral Guidelines, a first version of which was published during 2012-2013. In 2015 a revised and slightly more detailed version was uploaded on the Faculty’s web-site.
  2. Second, a series of seminars are organised in order to encourage candidates to share their work-in-progress with colleagues, benefiting from feedback and comments from the latter, as well as from Faculty staff. Some of these seminars are aimed specifically at Faculty colleagues, with a view to improving the tutors' supervision skills, particularly through the sharing of good practice both locally, and with the support of visiting staff. These seminars contribute to the CPD activities of the Faculty. On average one seminar per month is organised and visiting professors would either deliver a presentation or act as critical friends especially during the work-in-progress seminars.
  3. Third, the candidate's progress is monitored throughout the whole journey and at regular intervals, in order to ensure that a high quality of work output is maintained. A critical transition point along this journey is the submission of samples of the students' work to gauge whether the quality warrants a transfer from an M.Phil. to a Ph.D. status - a task that, strictly speaking, is carried out by an ad hoc committee set up by Faculty Board, but which, due to its close monitoring of the candidates throughout their research journey, the Doctoral Committee seeks to be involved in.   

The Doctoral Committee makes an effort to consolidate its work and to make sure that doctoral candidates have a higher profile withing the Faculty:

  1. In the summer of 2015 VLE site for the Faculty of Education doctoral programme was set up and all Faculty of Education staff are invited to participate. This electronic link makes it easier for everyone to keep up-to-date with events being organised as part of the doctoral programme and CPD. Furthermore, material related to the doctoral journey is uploaded and shared by staff and students. 
  2. Creatively seek ways for undergraduate and postgraduate students of the Faculty to get together so that all students feel integrated within the Faculty at all levels. Various subject-areas are invited from time to time to contribute to the Doctoral Seminars.
  3. Maintain active links with the Faculty’s doctoral students and other Maltese students reading for a PhD in education in foreign universities by inviting the latter to a number of activities. This strengthens the evolving community of local PhD students, and also helps create a sense of community of practice among the 'younger' group of researchers. 
  4. Together with the whole Faculty, the Doctoral Committee seeks clarity about links between the various degrees it offers, especially the progression from M.Ed. and from the MTL to Ph.D., and possibly an Ed.D. in future.

Faculty of Education Doctoral Committee

Prof. Simone Galea

Dr Charles Bonello
Dr Michael Buhagiar
Prof. Peter Mayo
Prof. Ronald Sultana

Ms Stefania Micallef

Download the guidebook and form
Guidebook for Prospective Ph.D. Students  
Statement of Authenticity   (to be submitted with the long essay, dissertation or thesis)