Dean's award

On Friday 22 February 2019 the Faculty of Education celebrated the achievements of students who performed exceptionally well in their studies, which they concluded in 2018.

Through the Dean's Awards, the faculty recognises excellence as a means to inspire all those involved in the field of education and to underline the importance of related professions.

The students who received the award are: Buttigieg Maria, Chircop Jasmine Monique, Sciberras Ryan George and  Vella Rebecca (Bachelor of Education Honours); Bonnici Roxanne, Dalli Charmaine, Kuilboer Kim and Lia Felix Jan (Master in Teaching and Learning); Calleja Mandy and Farrell Ruth (M.A. in Access to Education); Borg Tania  and Thomas Rosette (Master of Education); Azzopardi Claudette and Maric Liliana (Ph.D.).