(Full-time day course)
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Early Childhood Education and Care is a three year degree which prepares students for a career in Early Childhood contexts. The age group focused on is 0 – 7 years with a particular emphasis on ages 3 – 4 years. The B.A. (Hons.) ECEC can also be used as an entry requirement to enrol in the Master in Teaching and Learning (MTL) to become a primary school  teacher.

(Full-time day / part-time day / top-up)
This course aims to build professional skills required by Learning Support Educators to assist and support the teacher in the general classroom. The programme aims to equip prospective candidates with the knowledge, understanding and skills needed to support teachers in creating an effective classroom experience for all students. The programme will focus on knowledge and skills to be able to support individuals with mild to severe disabilities, mild to severe learning difficulties and mild to severe challenging behaviour and the prevention thereof. It also aims to improve the competencies, skills, effectiveness and confidence that learning support educators seek to bring to their work, and for those who wish to further their career possibilities and prepare the ground for progression.

(Full-time day course)
The B.Sc. Home Economics offers foundation training for enrolment in the Masters in Teaching and Learning, or for careers or further studies in areas promoting wellbeing of individuals, families and society. It includes study-units on food, nutrition and health; consumer issues and personal finance; housing and interiors; family living, child development and elderly care; fashion design, textiles science and creative textiles; as well as communication, project management and entrepreneurship. In the second year, students choose one of two specialisations: Health and Consumer Studies, or Textiles, Fashion and Interiors Studies. The course embraces a varied approach to learning, including project-based learning.

For more information contact Prof. Suzanne Piscopo - Head of Department of Health, Physical Education and Consumer Studies

(Full-time day course)
The concept behind this undergraduate degree in Technical Design and Technology is the liberal study of technology and the flexibility of employment. Within this degree, the learner develops foundation knowledge and hands-on skills about the domains of technological design and manufacturing processes, graphical communication, engineering drawing, electrical and electronic circuits, materials, mechanical structures and mechanisms. The degree offers opportunity to view technological products as user-centred and discusses the development of values related to technology and its uses by modern society. Apart from encouraging enterprising job initiatives, this degree is the ideal springboard for employment within professions that communicate technology such as the Masters in Teaching and Learning postgraduate degree in Education.
(Full-time day course)
This three-year course will provide students with a sound science background and will enhance and develop their skills particularly in written and verbal communication, designing exhibitions and communicating science with audiences of different ages. It will also introduce students to the current debate and discourse in science and provide students with an opportunity to experience learning science through context-based and inquiry-based methodologies.

Following this course graduates may enrol into the two-year Master in Teaching and Learning (MTL) course leading to the teaching profession.

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