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This committee oversees and strives to ensure the smooth running of many things connected with undergraduate dissertations. Essentially this involves providing information to both staff, but especially to students, on various aspects like practicality in choice of research project, methodology including sample size, possible problems that might be encountered, proposal writing, etc. Over the years it has proved necessary to meet with individual students and occasionally also supervisors to discuss issues specific to particular dissertations. Proposal vetting is the major workload undertaken by this committee. Two committee members discuss individual proposals and decide if it merits acceptance, needs amendments or if it is to be rejected. In problematic cases the chairperson teams up to further discuss and helps reach a decision. Problems which crop up unexpectedly during the research years are also tackled by the committee. The committee also issues periodic notices and reminders to staff and students. 

Committee Members


Dr Francois Mifsud


Dr Josette Farrugia
Dr Daniela Mercieca
Ms Lorraine Portelli
Dr Sarah Pulè
Dr Lara Said 
Dr Doreen Spiteri
Dr Elena Tanti Burlò
Ms Lara Tonna


Ms Corinne Vella


Obtaining Ethical Clearance

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a User-Friendly Digitized Dissertation [PDF]  

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