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The Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) serves in a legal and professional capacity.  It is established to ensure that the legal requirements of the Data Protection Act, which established the University Research Ethics Committee (UREC), are adhered too.  It also works to comply with international standards of research, especially those established by various EU Directives (found on the Cordis web-page) and by internationally recognised professional associations in education and cognate disciplines, such as BSA, BERA, APA and others.  

Apart from ensuring that, especially, human, and other subjects are protected by ethical research, it also assists researchers (staff and students) by giving advice on how to reach these standards, modify proposals and other documents etc. where it can, and has the capacity to do so. It has a Continuous Professional Development dimension and from time to time will hold courses or issue documents to assist researchers in their endeavours to behave ethically in research.  

The work of FREC is closely bound to a having a good knowledge of research methodologies in the diverse branches of education and cognate disciplines and to being up to date with ethical work in the different fields of study.  It also serves to give feedback to the Faculty’s departments (through members who to some extent reflect these structures) and to the Dissertation and other Boards of the Faculty of Education.  

FREC tries to work efficiently so that researchers can get through the process of Review as quickly as possible.  FREC works closely with UREC and often asks for advice from it (hoping also to assist UREC in expanding its capacity in issues of methodology).  Links have also been established with the Directorate of Education. 

Committee Members


Dr Marie Therese Farrugia


Dr Anne Marie Bezzina 
Dr Charles Bonello
Mr Mario Camilleri
Dr Daniela Mercieca
Dr Martin Musumeci
Dr Lara Said 
Dr Stephen Schembri
Prof Yosanne Vella


Ms Isabelle Warrington

Last Updated: 5 February 2018

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