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Teaching Practice Dates Yr2018-2019 [PDF] NEW
Code of Practice: Student Teachers [PDF]
Code of Practice: Examiners [PDF]

Master in Teaching and Learning:

LLI5001 - Attendance sheet [PDF]
LLI5002 - Attendance sheet [PDF]
MTL Observation Attendance Sheet (1st & 2nd years) [PDF]
MTL Field Placement Guidelines [PDF]
MTL Reflective Questions [PDF]   

Field Placement Assessment Sheets

Two versions are available for download:

a) Digital version with expandable text fields to be filled directly using your laptop.

b) Printable version to be filled by hand. 

Art Business Education Computing Design and Technology Drama Ethics Geography
History Languages Mathematics Music Primary Science V.E.T.

Bachelor of Education (Hons.):

Primary Students:

Primary Kit [ZIP]
Primary Kit Installation Instructions
Assessment Form [PDF]
Teaching Practice Requirements [PDF]
Reflective Questions [PDF] 

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) ECEC

LLI1001 1st Year TP Attendance Sheet
LLI1001 1st Year Observation Attendance Sheet 
LLI2001 2nd Year TP Attendance Sheet
LLI2001 2nd Year Observation Attendance Sheet


Diploma in Facilitating Inclusive Education:

LSE practice placement booklet [PDF]


B.A.(Hons) Facilitating Inclusive Education

Practice placement booklet [PDF]
Last Updated: 29 March 2019

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