Student reps

Introduction: the role of a student representative

Each Faculty at the University of Malta has student representatives at course level, on Faculty Board as well as on Council and Senate. Student representatives participate and attend Board meetings and other functions and present the students’ voice. Students may contact their representative should they require advice or for the representative to deal with a complaint.

Student representatives on Faculty Sub-Committees

Faculty Board and Board Studies

Chaya Fenech

1st Year - MTL

Chaya Fenech, 22-year-old student currently doing her Masters in teaching English for secondary school students. This is her fourth year as a university student, having done three years in the Bachelor of Arts in English and Psychology. She previously studied at St Aloysius College and prior to that, she was a student for twelve years at St Dorothy’s Primary and Senior School. She has also succeeded in finishing my individual Trinity Guildhall Exams, reaching level 8, having passed them with Distinction. During Summer time, she works as an EFL teacher in English language schools, as well as a drama, singing, and dancing teacher in Winter at Masquerade. Besides having achieved scholarly certificates, she has also taken part and directed many musicals and pantomimes, including Students’ Fest 2018. 

Eunice Bonello

2nd Year - B.A.(Hons) in Early Childhood Education and Care

Eunice Bonello, 20 Years old and hails from Paola. This is her second year at University, since last year she dropped out from the course of Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) in occupational therapy. In summer, she managed to obtain the qualifications to follow her dream to become a Primary school teacher. She decided to run for student representative since I am an outgoing person, take challenges and love helping others in need. Her motto for life is to never give up on anything, to set goals, keep smiling and stay positive.

Nicola Kirkpatrick

2nd Year - B.Sc.(Hons) in Science for Education and Communication

Nicola Kirkpatrick, 20 Years old and hails from Sliema. This is her second year at University, since last year she dropped out from the course of Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) in Midwifery . She decided to run for student representative since she is an active person who wants to help the students' voices be heard. Nicola has experience in student activism as she has spent the last year as education officer of MHSA, one of the most successful organisations on campus. She does not back down from a challenge and feels very strongly about student rights.

Board of Studies

B.A.(Hons) ECEC

Martina Vella

3rd Year - B.A.(Hons) ECEC

Martina Vella, 18 years old, hails from Mosta. Her hobbies are playing the piano, embroidery on paper, and playing tennis. Her plan is to obtain her degree in B.A.(Hons) Early Childhood Education and Care and continue studying to obtain her Master in Teaching and Learning. 

Alexia Spiteri

3rd Year - B.A.(Hons) ECEC

Alexia Spiteri, 30 years old is currently undertaking a degree in B.A.(Hons) ECEC at UM. It has been her lifelong dream to become a teacher and after having her own business for over 7 years, she decided to follow it. She also intends to follow the MTL. Her aspiration is to empower children so that they have the necessary building blocks to be able to achieve whatever their hearts desire.

B.Sc.(Hons) Home Economics

Onishia Muscat

3rd Year - B.Sc.(Hons) Home Economics

Onishia Muscat, 18 year old, hails from Mgarr Malta. She started her education at Saint Monica School, Gzira, and followed her education level through Junior College, where with the qualifications obtained, she managed to enter in the B.Sc.(Hons) Home Economics course. Apart from studying, she also work as a part time waitress at the Agliolio Restaurant located in Radisson, Golden Sands where she obtained different skills on different levels. Few things that defines her are that she is an outgoing person and loves to meet and help different people. She is quite a hard working person and tries to do everything with a plan.

Kylie Pace

3rd Year - B.Sc.(Hons) Home Economics

Kylie Pace, 19 year old Gozitian student from Nadur. She is in her first year, studying the newly offered course at the University: B.Sc. in Home Economics. Previously, she successfully carried out a year in B.A. European Studies with Geography. Following this course she wishes to further her education with a Masters Degree. She accepted this role as a student representative to aid others just like she had found help during her first year at University. She has participated in an Erasmus+ programme during summer 2016 and have attended a youth charter representing her hometown. She used to work with Transport Malta and she is currently working as a Liaison Officer during the Malta EU Council Presidency.

M.A. in Educational Leadership

Abigail Camilleri

1st Year - M.A. in Educational Leadership

Abigail Camilleri graduated at the University of Malta in B.A. Hons (Italian), PGCE and in Masters of Arts by Research (Italian). Currently she is attending the course Masters of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management. Abigail likes reading, travelling and meeting new people from all aspects of life. 

Marisa Vella Demanuele

1st Year - M.A. in Educational Leadership

Marisa-Victoria Vella Demanuele is a B.Ed. Hons graduate (1993-1997) specialising in English and Early Middle Years. She has worked as a class teacher (1997-2017) and is currently a literacy teacher within the Complementary team at St Aloysius Primary. She is following a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management. Marisa resides at Iklin. She is married and has two children. Her hobbies are flamenco dancing and calligraphy.

Master in Access to Education

Omar Rababah

2nd Year - Master in Access to Education

Omar Rababah is 26 years old and he comes from a mixed cultural background as his father is Syrian while his mother is Maltese. He is a Social Worker by profession as he graduated with a B.A.(Hons) in Social Work. At the moment he is reading for a M.A. in Access to Education - Inclusive Communities. His main interests are the equal access of every human being to the 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Integration of different groups of people in our society and equity for all in an inclusive society. He describes himself as an activist for Social Justice.

Deborah Bartolo

2nd Year - Master in Access to Education

Deborah Bartolo, 26 years old, from Fgura, is currently in her third year of teaching at a Primary State School after obtaining a B.Ed. degree in 2015. She is currently reading for a Master's Degree in Access to Education specialising in Inclusive Education. One of her strong beliefs is that one can never know enough, and it is of utmost importance that teachers seek opportunities for professional development, this is why this year she has enrolled in a number of projects, Erasmus+ being one of them. Her teaching philosophy is that over time, children might forget what their teacher taught them but they will never forget how their teacher made them feel and this is why she does her utmost to make her students' days at school as memorable as possible. She chose the Inclusive Education stream as she wants to become more knowledgeable about those practices which will truly allow her to teach in a way which empowers all students, enabling them to acquire the necessary skills and abilities to lead meaningful lives.