Collaboration with JAIST increases



Collaboration with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science & Technology increases.

At the end of March EMA-PS hosts JAIST professors and researchers for a second lecture series bridging the two bodies’ disciplines.

On its part, JAIST will host a joint seminar in Japan on The Science of Performative Creativity, the discipline EMA-PS has been developing over the years. The encounter between the two programmes originated in January 2009, when Professor Tsutmou Fujinami happened to come across the EMA-PS website, which led to his first visit to Malta a few weeks later. Professor Fujinami focuses on the transmission and acquisition on skill, an inquiry that finds strong resonance in the inquiry which Professor Richard Muscat and Professor John Schranz have long been carrying out on embodied knowledge and on its constant refinement, which impacts memory systems and learning processes, which in turn enables the potentiation of the creative faculty – an inquiry from which eventually the EMA-PS programme developed.

Common grounds between the two inquiries have been constantly emerging and the two initiatives are now seeking ways in which to institutionalise their collaboration.


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