Be a strategist in Creativity & Innovation!

This Joint European Master’s programme targets ONE thing: the potential that already is YOURS.

Understanding your creative potential, you empower it and unleash it, whichever field you choose to work in, be it Management, Education, Culture, Economy, Ecology, R&D… whatever – because your creativity knows no pigeonholing frontiers.

MSPC does not deal in pre-packed tricks & techniques, intended to meet the demands and buzz words of the time. Fads come and go. The programme works differently. It focuses on key contexts that surround us in this world we are living in. On the one hand, it focuses on contexts which facilitate and encourage creativity – and the amazing achievements of our times provide us with legion! On the other hand, it looks at contexts which inhibit and stifle creativity… and even of these, sadly enough, there are legion, as we are constantly reminded by events which leave us shocked. What unfolds from the programme’s reflections is a growing awareness of THE GENESIS of Creativity… which the programme then strives to guide students to study.

Think of it – “take this key, put it in the ignition lock, turn it and look – the engine starts!” Could that make a better driver of you? Of course it cannot.

But then – start learning and discovering HOW YOUR BRAIN FUNCTIONS WHEN IT CONTINUALLY PERFORMS THE MIRACLES THAT WE DO ALL THE TIME, WITHOUT REALISING WE ARE DOING THEM! Would THAT make it possible for you to become more creative? And this time the answer is yes: ABSOLUTELY!



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