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Michael A. Buhagiar is senior ecturer in Mathematics Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. In 2006, he graduated Ph.D. from the University of Nottingham, UK, with a study that explored mathematics teachers’ classroom assessment practices. His teaching and research interests focus on mathematics education and educational assessment. His recent publications include: (i) ‘Teachers’ assessments of students’ learning of mathematics’, Assessment in Education: Principles, Policy & Practice, 2008, 15(2), pp. 169-182 (with Roger Murphy as second author); (ii) ‘Classroom assessment within the alternative assessment paradigm: revisiting the territory’, The Curriculum Journal, 2007, 18(1), pp. 39-56; and (iii) ‘The classroom assessment cycle within the alternative assessment paradigm: exploring the role of the teacher’, Journal of Maltese Education Research, 2006, 4(2), pp. 17-36. Email

Simone Galea is Associate Professor in Philosophy of Education, Department of Education Studies, Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Her research interests and teaching areas include philosophy of education, feminist philosophy, anti-racist and multicultural education, educational research and narrative inquiry. She is the co-founder of the Programme for Culturally Responsive Education at the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. Her recent publications include 'Can the Migrant Speak? Voicing Myself, Voicing the Other' in Malta Review of Educational Research, 2008 Vol.6 No. 1, 15-28; 'Iris Marion Young’s Imaginations of Gift Giving: Some Implications for the Teacher and the Student', Educational Philosophy and Theory 2006, Vol. 38.  No.1, 83-92; 'Face to Face with Emmanuela: Reflections on the Uses of the Memoir in Exploring the Life History of a Nineteenth Century Woman Teacher' in Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, 2006, Vol 11 No. 2, 35-51.


Peter Mayo is Professor in theFaculty of Education, University of Malta where he teaches/researches in the areas of adult education and sociology of education. A frequently invited speaker at international conferences, he has published widely and his books include the AESA Critics Choice  award winning Liberating Praxis,Learning and Social Difference (co-authored with Carmel Borg) and Gramsci. Freire and Adult Education which sold over 2000 copies in its English version and around 1,500 copies in its Brazilian version( the book has been published in Catalan, Portuguese, German, Italian and Spanish translation and will soon be published in Turkish). He is President of the Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education (MESCE) for 2008-2010. For a fuller biography see: 
His list of publications can be found at:


Nagwa M. Megahed is an Assistant Professor in the Foundations of Education Department in Women’s College of Arts, Sciences, and Education at Ain Shams University (Cairo, Egypt). She is also a Senior Technical Advisor in the Monitoring and Evaluation division of the USAID-Funded Education Reform Program in Egypt. She received her Ph.D. from the Administrative and Policy Studies Department, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh (USA) in 2004. Her research interests include educational reform, teachers’ experiences, and social inequalities. Among her recent publications are 'Voices of Teachers in Academic and Vocational Secondary Schools in Egypt: Perceived Consequences of Educational Reform for Equity and Quality, 2008;' 'Social Inequalities, Educational Attainment, and Teachers in Egypt, 2008;' and 'Comparative Education at Egyptian Universities', 2008.


Hasan Simsek is professor of education at the TC Istanbul Kultur University. His main research interests include: school organizations, educational reform and policy, organizational change, leadership, planning, higher education organizations, and qualitative research. Recent publications include: Simsek, H. (2007). Total Quality Management: Theory, Principles, Applications (textbook in Turkish), Ankara: Seckin Publications; Simsek, H. (2006). 'Turkey' (Chp. 53) in F. Altbach and J. Forest (eds.) Handbook of International Higher Education, Vol. 2, Springer, pp. 1003-1018; Yildirim, A. and H. Simsek (2005). Qualitative Research Methods in Social Sciences (6th edition) (in Turkish), Ankara: Seckin Publicatons; Gizir, S. and H. Simsek (2005). 'Communication in an Academic Context,' Higher Education, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 197-221, and Simsek, H. (2005). 'Kondratieff Cycles and Long Waves of Educational Reform: Educational Policy and Practice From 1789 to 2045,' Essays in Education, Vol. 14-Summer (online access:


António M. Magalhães is Associate professor at FPES of the University of Porto, Portugal, and researcher at the Centre for Research in Higher Education Policies. Research interests: regulation mechanisms of education, the relationships between state and higher education, higher education governance, and theories and methods of policy analysis He has published articles in Higher Education Policy, European Journal of Education, Globalisation, Societies & Education, Educação Sociedade & Culturas among other journals. He has also published books and chapters with Peter Lang, Routeledge/Taylor & Francis, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and Edições Afrontamento.


Devorah Kalekin-Fishman is a senior Research Fellow at the University of Haifa, VP - Publications of the International Sociological Association, and Editor of the International Sociology Review of Books. Her current interests are citizenship and citizenship education, alienation in education, and the sociology of everyday life. Recent publications include D. Kalekin-Fishman and K. Schneider, Radicals in Spite of Themselves (Sense, 2007) and A. Denis and D. Kalekin-Fishman, eds, The ISA Handbook of Contemporary Sociology (Sage, in press).

André Elias Mazawi is professor, Department of Educational Studies, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. A sociologist of education, he is interested in the impacts of geopolitics on schooling and educational policies, governance, and school/higher education restructuring in the Arab and Muslim societies. His published research also focuses on the debates and controversies surrounding the notion of a 'knowledge society' and 'education for work' in Arab societies, their sources, institutional origins, and discursive reproduction across space. He is also engaged in a research project concerned with the inter-relations between science policies, and the stratification of faculty members in higher education institutions in Arab countries (particularly the Gulf Cooperation Council states). He is EMCER's first Affiliate Professor, formally appointed by the University of Malta.
Maher Hashweh is an associate professor of education at the Department of Education and Psychology at Birzeit University and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts. He received his B.Sc. in physics and M.A. in Education degrees from the American University in Beirut, and his Ph.D. in Education form Stanford University. He worked in school improvements and in-service teacher education, and facilitated the establishment of AlMawrid Teacher  Development Center. He was a visiting scholar at Stanford  University and the Carnegie Foundation for the advancement of Teaching during 2001/2002, and at Berlin Free University during the summer of 2006. Dr. Hashweh has published many articles and books in science education, democracy education, and teacher professional development. He recently established Ibn Rush Unit for Educational Research and Development at Birzeit University and was the national coordinator of the Teacher Education Strategy in Palestine. Recent publications include 'Teaching democracy for political participation: On the aims of democracy education in Palestine.' Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, 10(2) 2005, pp.19-38; 'Teacher pedagogical constructions: A reconfiguration of pedagogical content knowledge.' Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 11(3)2005, pp.273-292;  'Case writing as border-crossing: Describing, understanding and promoting teacher change.' Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice.  10(3) 2005, pp.229-246; 'Teacher accommodative change.' Teaching and Teacher Education, 19, 2003,pp.421-434.
Carmel Borg is the former Dean of the Faculty of Education, University of Malta.  Professor Borg lectures in Curriculum Studies, Critical Pedagogy and Parental Involvement in Education.  He has written, presented and published extensively around the foregoing issues.  Dr. Borg consults locally and internationally, and is an external expert for the European Commission (DG Education).  Professor Borg is the founding editor of the Malta Review of Education Research.  Email:
Osama Obeidat is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Foundations and Administration Department at the Hashemite University in Jordan. He is also an Education Specialist at the Jordan Education Initiative. Osama received his Ph.D. from the Administrative and Policy Studies Department, School of Education, University of Pittsburgh (USA) in 2003. His research interests include privatization of education, partnership in education, and policy implementation. Among his recent publications are " Towards privatization of education in Jordan as perceived by administrators and teachers in the Ministry of Education: Causes and Expected results, 2008,'' School-community partnership: The experience of Teachers who received the Queen Rania Award for Excellence in Education, 2008" and Volunteerism of undergraduate students, 2008 , and University-School /JEI Partnership, 2007. Email: Email:
Pierre Vermeren est Maître de conférences en histoire du Maghreb contemporain à l'Université de Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Après avoir réalisé et publié en France et au Maroc une thèse sur la formation des élites marocaines et tunisiennes des années 1920 à 2000, il a écrit divers ouvrages sur l'histoire du Maroc et du Maghreb contemporain, dont Maghreb : La démocratie impossible? paru chez Fayard en 2004. Actuellement associé au laboratoire CEMAF (Centre d'étude des mondes africains contemporains), unité mixte CNRS-Sorbonne, il y anime avec le Professeur Nadine Picaudou un séminaire de recherches sur la figure du combattant dans le monde arabe contemporain. Email:

Linda Herrera's research interests lie at the intersection of education and social transformation in the Middle East and North Africa, the cultural politics of Muslim youth, critical ethnography and critical pedagogy, and youth and international development. She recently published, with Asef Bayat, a collection of readings titled Being Young and Muslim (Oxford University Press) and is the the co-editor (with Carlos Alberto Torres) of Cultures of Arab Schooling: Critical Ethnographies from Egypt (2006, SUNY Press). She is professor at the Centre for Global Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. 




Mohammed Miliani is Professor in the department of anglo-saxon languages at the university of Oran, Algeria. He received his M.Ed and his Ph.D in EFL from the University of Wales. He teaches educational psychology, TEFL (didactics of languages), microteaching and research methodology. He is involved in the LMD Reform of Higher Education in Algeria as coordinator of the domain of foreign languages. He is founder of ORANESP, the journal of the ESP Centre. He has published widely in the areas of foreign language teaching, the language problems and policies in Algeria and the Maghreb, and on the education system in Algeria. Email :

Deborah Chetcuti is a member of the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, where she is also Associate Professor in Science Education.  Her research interests and teaching areas include the use of formative assessment in science, teaching science through storytelling and drama, gender and science and the use of professional portfolios in higher education.    She has published a series of documents on assessment for the Faculty of Education, University of Malta including the Professional Development Portfolio (2001), A guide to the Professional Development Porfolio (2003) and Assessment Guidelines (2006).  Her recent publications include ‘Identifying a gender-inclusive pedagogy from Maltese science teachers’ personal practical knowledge’ in International Journal of Science Education; ‘The use of portfolios as a reflective learning tool in initial teacher education: a Maltese case study’ in Reflective Practice, Vol. 8 No. 1, 137-149; and ‘The formative and summative uses of a Professional Development Portfolio: a Maltese case study’ in Assessment in Education, Principles, Policy & Practice, Vol. 13 No. 1, 97-112.

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