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Comparisons may very well be odious, but it is through comparing, through establishing differences and distinctions, that we arrive at knowledge. comparing

The Masters course in Comparative Education offered by EMCER is inspired by the insights of one of the field's earliest and most eminent scholars, who noted that:
"The practical value of studying … the working of foreign systems of education is that it will result in our being better fitted to study and to understand our own."

"We cannot wonder at pleasure among the educational systems of the world, like a child strolling through a garden, and pick off a flower from one bush and some leaves from another, and then expect that if we stick what we have gathered into the soil at home, we shall having a living plant."

sadler_michael-small Michael Sadler (1900) ‘How far can we learn anything of practical value from the study of foreign systems of education?’ Reprinted 1964 Comparative Education Review, Vol.7(3), pp.307-314.




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