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 ISSN: 1024-5375

The MJES was launched in 1996 as a biannual refereed international journal with a regional focus. It features educational research carried out in Mediterranean countries, as well as educational studies related to the diaspora of Mediterranean people world-wide.


In 2011, the MJES started publishing a series of special thematic issues, thanks to an agreement with Sense Publishers. The journal appears in paperback format and as an e-book, with previews of each volume available for downloading free of charge.  Sense Publishers was recently purchased by Brill, a highly reputable academic publishing company which was set up in 1683, and with offices in Leiden (NL), Boston (US), Paderborn (GER) and Singapore (SG). As from 2019, Brill will be EMCER's new publishing partner.

The journal/book series (featuring both ISSN and ISBN registration codes) offers a forum for theoretical debate, historical and comparative studies, research and project reports, thus facilitating dialogue in a region which has strong and varied educational traditions. There is a strong international dimension to this dialogue, given the profile of the Mediterranean in the configuration of the new world order, and the presence of Mediterranean peoples in Europe, North America and elsewhere.

The MJES is of interest to scholars, researchers and practitioners in the following fields: comparative education, foundation disciplines in education, education policy analysis, Mediterranean studies, cultural and post-colonial studies, Southern European and area studies, intercultural education, peace education, and migrant studies.


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