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MJES Policy for Special Thematic Issues:
Guidelines for Guest Editors

Full details for Guest Editors of MJES thematic series available here


  1. Scholars who volunteer to guest edit a special issue of the MJES, focused on a particular subject falling directly within the scope of the journal, are to provide the Editorial Board with a one-page outline of their proposal. The proposal should contain title of special issue, full name of editor/s and institutional affiliation, the rationale underlining the project, an indication of theoretical and methodological frameworks that will be used, as well as a tentative list of authors and articles that could be solicited. The submitted proposal, once accepted, may be used to draw up a Call for Papers.

  2. The proposal will be considered by the Editorial Board of the MJES, who will help guest editors get into contact with potential contributors to the special issue. A contract is drawn up between Brill Publishers, the Guest Editors, and the MJES Executive Editor. All royalties for sales of the volume go to the guest editors.

  3. Papers are to be submitted to the Editorial Board in the first instance. Two copies of the paper are refereed by the guest editors, while a third copy is evaluated by a member of the Editorial Board. The refereeing form, clearly indicating the evaluation criteria used by the Editorial Board, will also be used by the guest editors. In the case of lack of agreement between the Editorial Board and the guest editors, the Chief Editor’s decision is final.

  4. Papers should reflect the Mediterranean focus of the journal. As far as possible, articles should represent the state of affairs of different countries around the Mediterranean basin. Generally speaking, there ought not to be more than one article about the same country in a journal issue. Papers developing a comparative analysis between different Mediterranean countries on the theme of the special issue are particularly welcome.

  5. Guest editors are normally expected to write one of the papers in the issue they are in charge of. In this case, two copies of their paper should be submitted to the Editorial Board for refereeing. Guest editors are also expected to write an editorial introduction to the special issue, outlining the main themes broached, teasing out comparative dimensions as these emerge from the different papers accepted for publication, and generally pointing out and synthesising the main theoretical and other contributions of the various contributions.
  6. Guest editors are also responsible for the preparation of the volume for printing, particularly in terms of ensuring that contributing authors follow the APA referencing style, and that proof reading of final versions of article is done assiduously. 
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