Collaboration and guests

The Department of IEPC engages in strategic cooperation with industrial partners, private companies, NGOs and public institutions in projects related to the areas of expertise of the department. Through this cooperation, the Department strives to achieve excellence in research and academia at both national and international level. The department participates readily in research collaboration projects together with external partners. The collaboration projects often involve an work carried out in an MSc or PhD project, through third party funding from various public funding opportunities. Funding of specific consumables and equipment is also sought from the funding opportunities. The department has a number of ongoing projects but is always ready to enter into new collaborative activities.

Collaborating academic institutions

International relations and guests
Our department strongly values international relations and we work to enhance current collaborations while seeking to expand our international contacts and attract new international collaborations. 

We also welcome international guests as visiting researchers and/or academics and we strive to create a stimulating learning environment for all students and staff. Graduate students who are interested in studying or undertaking an internship under the supervision of our academics have an opportunity to gain practical experience and increase their knowledge in an identified area of expertise by engaging in a specific research-based setting. The exchange of knowledge that occurs in such an international environment during these visits results in great benefits to both academic staff and students. 

Guest and interns (since 2017)

Researcher: Baptiste Migneon
Institution: EPF Graduate School of Engineering
Year: 2018
IEPC Contact: Alexander Micallef

Researcher: Lisa Matuschka
Institution: Technical University in Nuremburg, Germany
Year: 2017
IEPC Contact: Reiko Raute

Researcher: Niklas Scheid
Institution: Trier University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Year: 2017
IEPC Contact: Cedric Caruana

Researcher: Samira Chouiref
Institution: École Nationale Polytechnique, Algeria
Year: 2017
IEPC Contact: Cedric Caruana