Ongoing projects

Project: SolPV-TES - Integrating solar PV with heat pumps and thermal energy storage in zero-energy buildings
Researcher: Dr Jessica Settino

Ph.D. projects

Project: Sensorless Control in Steer-by-Wire Application
Researcher: Kris Scicluna
Supervisor: Prof. Cyril Spiteri-Staines
Co-Supervisor: Dr Reiko Raute

Project: Control of Microgrids for Distributed Generation including Energy Storage
Researcher: Daniel Zammit
Supervisor: Prof. Cyril Spiteri-Staines
Co-Supervisors: Dr Alexander Micallef, Prof. Maurice Apap

M.Sc. (by Research) projects

Project: Droop Control for Electric Springs Used for Voltage Stabilization
Researcher: Racquel Ellul
Supervisor: Dr Alexander Micallef
Co-Supervisor: Dr John Licari

Project: Design of an Electric Power Train for Malta’s FSAE Team
Researcher: Jonathan Palombi
Supervisor: Dr Reiko Raute

Project: Micro Combined Heat and Power Engine
Researcher: Eryl Vella
Supervisor: Prof. Joe Cilia
Co-Supervisor: Dr Alexander Micallef