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EMC of Power Converters
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The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of electrical/electronic devices that are intended to be used in the same environment, ensures that these devices do not affect the functionality of nearby equipment. Every electrical device produces some radio frequency (RF) during operation causing interference to other devices. Compliance with the EMC directive ensures that these devices do not emit an unreasonable amount of interference into their environment while they can tolerate a reasonable amount of interference from other sources. RF interference can spread from one device to another either via cables (conducted interference) or as radiation (radiated interference). Compliance is tested in five areas: radiated emissions, conducted emissions, radiated susceptibility, conducted susceptibility and electrostatic discharge, and is usually achieved by testing the products for compliance to the relevant standards.

With the advent of high frequency switching power semiconductors, continuous improvements in the performance of power electronic converters have taken place over the years. However due to the high switching frequencies involved and the need to comply with the EMC standards, emissions from these type of converters have become a major concern. Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field are focused on different aspects of EMC with respect to power electronic converters. These include (but are not limited to):

  • EMC phenomena such as common mode voltages and currents; transient phenomena; etc..
  • EMC phenomena related to power semiconductor devices
  • Modeling of EMC phenomena
  • Analysis of application specific EMC (e.g. EMC related to electrical drives, electric transportation, RES generation, etc..)


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