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Microgrids are self-contained low or medium voltage (LV/MV) electrical networks that can be interfaced to conventional or smart grids. Microgrids can also function as an autonomous electrical network. Each microgrid has its own distributed generation, typically renewable energy sources (RES), energy storage systems (ESS) and loads working together as a single entity. Microgrids can allow higher penetrations of RES into the grid and therefore play an important role in current transformation of the electric grid.

DC power has also regained popularity in recent years due to the fact that distributed generation (e.g. photovoltaics,...), ESS (e.g. batteries, ...) and loads (e.g. LED lighting technologies, portable electronic equipment such as laptops and smart phones, ... ) all require DC power to operate. DC microgrids are gaining popularity as the future solution towards integration of these sources and loads since the energy efficiency can be significantly improved.

Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field are focused on different aspects of AC and DC microgrids. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Microgrid operation, control and stability
  • Power electronic converters and integration of RES in microgrids
  • Grid support functions (improve grid reliability, resilience, power quality, ...)
  • Microgrids for electric transportation technologies
  • Microgrid economics (scheduling, demand side management (DSM), market pricing, optimal planning, ...)
  • Islanding methodologies and architectures (autonomous operation, grid re-connection of microgrids, ...)
  • Power quality improvement in islanded operation
  • Coordination, control and stability of microgrid clusters
  • Microgrid protection (fault modeling in microgrids, novel protection techniques, ...)
  • Microgrid communication requirements related to its hierarchical architecture

IEPC Microgrids Research on 'Engineering Today'
An article on Microgrid research by the Dept. of IEPC at the University of Malta was featured in issue 56 (April 2017) of 'Engineering Today', the Chamber of Engineers' quarterly magazine. 
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