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The power electronics field is undergoing large transformations through the continuous advancements of the power semiconductor industry. This led to the development of novel power converters, pulse width modulation schemes and advanced control techniques due to the wide variety of applications which have risen. Power electronic converters play a fundamental role in switch-mode power supplies (SMPS), renewable energy sources (RES) and their integration into the grid, electrical drives, electrical transportation technologies and energy storage to name a few important categories.

Direct AC/AC conversion is a desirable option in various applications such as AC motor drives and grid-connection of AC sources such as wind and wave energy conversion systems. Present electrical conversion implements a two-stage system which initially rectifies the variable voltage and variable frequency output of the electric generator into a DC voltage. The second stage is the conversion of the DC voltage to an AC voltage via a grid-tied inverter. However, these systems result in a reduced efficiency due to the required conversion processes. Therefore, direct AC/AC conversion can be employed to reduce the power conversion stages and improve the overall system efficiency.

Novel power electronic converters strive towards achieving the maximum efficiencies by design of application specific power converters and their advanced control techniques. Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field include (but are not limited to):

  • Development of novel topologies for HVDC links, RES, electrical drives and various other applications
  • Modelling and characterization of power electronic devices in converters
  • System level performance including reliability and EMC compliance.
  • Application of SiC device technologies
  • Optimal gate drive techniques
  • Multi-level converters
  • Matrix converters
  • Modulation/Switching schemes
  • Modeling and analysis of AC/AC Converters
  • Novel control algorithms
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