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Power Quality of the Electrical Supply
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The power quality of electrical distribution networks is affected by various electromagnetic phenomena. Nowadays, these phenomena are an important concern due to the increase in electrical and electronic equipment. These loads are the major culprits which cause power quality issues but they are also the victims of power quality problems.

International standards regulate the effect that loads or distributed generators have at their respective connection point with the grid (commonly termed as the point of common coupling or PCC). These standards ensure that grid-connected equipment can operate with the expected performance without degrading the operation of other equipment connected to the electrical grid.

Power quality issues have a significant impact on the efficiency of grid-connected equipment and therefore must be given importance. Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field are focused on different power quality aspects, which are mainly categorized under the conducted low-frequency phenomena group. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Active filtering techniques for voltage/current harmonics 
  • Voltage sags and voltage interruptions
  • Voltage unbalance compensation in three phase systems
  • Power-frequency variations
  • High-frequency phenomena such as transients
  • Applying distributed generation to improve the power quality of the grid

Post of Full-Time Research Support Officer I or II
Call for Applications Post/s of Full-Time Research Support Officer I or II on the Electrical Systems for the More Electric Aircraft with the Department of Industrial Electrical Power Conversion.

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An article on Microgrid research by the Dept. of IEPC at the University of Malta was featured in issue 56 (April 2017) of 'Engineering Today', the Chamber of Engineers' quarterly magazine. 
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