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In recent years, EU policies were directed towards integration of distributed generation (DG) into the grid in an attempt to reduce the carbon emissions by the respective European countries. DG namely implies small-scale electricity generation consisting mainly of renewable energy sources (RES) such as photovoltaics systems and wind generation systems.

Renewable energy targets for the Maltese islands are were set to 10% by 2020 and government grants have been targeted towards increasing photovoltaic (PV) systems in the domestic, public, commercial and industrial areas. RES connected to the Maltese grid are all configured to supply all their energy into the grid. However, RES are intermittent in nature due to the availability of the source (eg: sun, wind, wave,...) and therefore high market penetrations of RES may cause stability issues to the electrical grid. Therefore, insight on the impact of integrating high penetrations of RES on the electrical grid is required. Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field include (but are not limited to): 

  • Power electronic converters for RES (eg: PV inverters, Wind energy conversion systems, Wave energy conversion systems...)
  • Control algorithms for optimal operation of the RES power electronic converters
  • Voltage stability issues for small scale integration
  • Voltage and frequency stability issues for large scale integration
  • Power quality issues (ex: flicker, harmonics, etc...)
  • Islanding detection algorithms
  • Impact due to the intermittent nature of the RES on the grid
  • Protection (fault modeling, novel protection techniques, ...)
IEPC Microgrids Research on 'Engineering Today'
An article on Microgrid research by the Dept. of IEPC at the University of Malta was featured in issue 56 (April 2017) of 'Engineering Today', the Chamber of Engineers' quarterly magazine. 
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