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Closed loop control of electrical machines requires knowledge of the rotational speed of the rotor and the instantaneous rotor position with respect to an initial reference. Mechanical sensors are usually connected to the motor shaft to provide both functions. However, these sensors present several disadvantages including additional cost, an increase in the size of the electrical machine, reduced reliability, and susceptibility to noise (or other power quality/EMC issues).

Therefore, electrical drives without mechanical sensors connected to the motor shaft are an attractive concept due to their low cost and higher reliability. Research topics of the department of IEPC related to this field are focused on development of sensor-less algorithms for electrical drives. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Sensor-less algorithms for induction machines
  • Sensor-less algorithms for brush-less DC (BLDC) machines
  • Application-specific sensor-less algorithms

IEPC Microgrids Research on 'Engineering Today'
An article on Microgrid research by the Dept. of IEPC at the University of Malta was featured in issue 56 (April 2017) of 'Engineering Today', the Chamber of Engineers' quarterly magazine. 
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