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Engineering Internship Scheme


About This Scheme

The Faculty of Engineering (FOE) at the University of Malta does its utmost to impart sound scientific foundations to future engineers. For the holistic formation of engineering graduates, the Faculty considers it of great relevance to also offer students the opportunity of approved summer internship placements.   In this respect, the Faculty's Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that involves representatives from a number of local engineering stakeholders has over recent months designed a student engineering internship scheme.   Work placements made as interns by Faculty students at Approved Engineering Intern Host Organisations will be recorded on the student’s degree transcript. The Faculty of Engineering thus strongly encourages students to apply for a Summer Internship period with one of the approved organisations.  

Information For Employers of Engineering Interns

Engaging a Faculty of Engineering (FOE) student to perform work at your organization under the guidance of a mentor, is one way of how you can invest in the career formation of future engineers, a commitment that can be considered as a demonstration of your organization’s corporate social responsibility.  In addition, an internship period allows organisations to get to know better individual students and thus help you gain insight on whom to possibly recruit in the near future.   If approved as a FOE intern host organization:
 (a) you are allowed to announce this status in your PR communications and
 (b) your organization details will be included on the Faculty website as one of the approved organisations 

To proceed with applying to become a FOE approved intern host organization, please fill in the online application form (maximum 10 minutes) and consult the approval criteria indicated below.

Information For Engineering Students

A Summer internship period is in essence a period of time gaining work experience within a local engineering related organization that has been vetted by the Faculty of Engineering.   An internship is one of the best ways of how you as a student can find out whether working with a specific organisation is something  you would like to pursue once you finish your degree.   Equally important,  an internship period allows organisations to get to know you better and thus the time you spend with them as an intern can help them decide on whom to recruit in the future.   During the internship period (from the end of Semester 2 right up to the beginning of Semester 1), you  will be assigned tasks by which you can get a feel of engineering work once you graduate.   You will perform these tasks on site (assuming no COVID restrictions) at the organization recruiting you under the guidance of a engineering mentor employed by the organization.   The internship period will also help you meet other engineers and workers in these organisations, thus enabling you to establish industry contacts.  For work performed as an intern,  you will be paid by the host organization.    

At the end of your internship period with one of the Faculty Approved Internship Host Organisations, you will submit a logbook of work performed for endorsement by your mentor.  This logbook outlining the practical work performed  will be used from your end to get your internship period formally recognized as a Degreeplus work placement, that will thus feature on your degree transcript.  The logbook should be retained from your end, as this experience can contribute to the period of not less than one year spent undergoing practical engineering training as stipulated in the Engineering Profession Act (CAP 321) as one of the requirements to attain the Ing. Warrant.   As an aspiring engineer, you should not underestimate the valuable experience you can gain through an internship period.  The Faculty thus strongly recommends you invest in such a placement with one of the Approved Intern Organisations.

List of Approved Intern Organisations (Summer 2022)