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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2007-08
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2007/08

    • Costa Gilbert,Testing of Ro Membranes Under Stop/Start Conditions,Prof R Ghirlando, Mr. R Schembri,
    • Bugeja Alberta,Investigations on the Heat Transfer Properties of Wall Structures,Prof R Ghirlando, Mr M. Fsadni,
    • Zammit Glenn,The Construction of a Vapour Absorption Refrigeration Test Rig,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Borg Bartolo David,A Variable Compression Opposed-Piston Engine,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Micallef Daniel,Mathematical Model of a Solar Air Conditioning Unit,Dr C Micallef,
    • Grima Amanda,Mathematical Model of a Geothermal Air Conditioning Unit,Dr C Micallef,
    • Zerafa Johnny,Fatigue Life Prediction of Pressure Vessel Components ,Dr M Muscat,
    • Ellul Brian,A Study on the Buckling Phenomenon ,Dr M Muscat,
    • Delia Terence,Human/Battery Powered Vehicle,Dr M Muscat,
    • Vella David,Design of a Ultra-Streamlined Human/Powered Road Vehicle,Dr T Sant,
    • Camilleri Jan,Design and Construction of a Water Wave Generator,Dr T Sant,
    • Vella Donna,An Investigation of the Aerodynamic Behaviour of and Aero foil in Unsteady Conditions,Dr T Sant,
    • Camilleri Alastair,Analysis of a Lower Limb Joint,Ms Z Sant,
    • Gilson Gareth,Analysis of Spinal Segment,Ms Z Sant,
    • Grech Nadia,Investigation on Variable Speed Operation of Air-Conditioning,Dr M Farrugia,
    • Sultana Renee’,Instrumentation of Engine Dynamics,Dr M Farrugia,
    • Chircop Marlon,Study and Implementation of Forced Induction on an FSAE Engine,Dr M Farrugia,
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