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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2008-09
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2008/09

    • Agius Robert,Mathematical Model of a Tube Fin Heat Exchanger,Dr. Ing C. Micallef,
    • Apap Claire,A Study on the Mechanics of Creep,Dr Ing M. Muscat,
    • Camilleri Andrew,Design and Construction of an Indoor Blimp,Dr Ing M. Muscat, Ing P P Debono,
    • Camilleri Josef,Peltier Cooling,Dr Ing M. Farrugia,
    • Cutajar Jonathan,Mitigation of Welding Distortion and Residual Stresses via Cryogenic Cooling – A Numerical Investigation,Dr Ing D. Camilleri,
    • Dalli Illan,Design and Construction of a Free – Piston Engine,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Desira Luke,Design and Construction of a Prototype Machine Vision System for Inspecting Cosmetic Cases,Dr Ing M Farrugia,
    • Ebejer Clive,The Design and Construction of a Human Powered Boat,Dr Ing C Micallef,
    • Fenech Graziella,Experimental Analysis of a Fixed and Variable – Speed Air Conditioning System,Dr Ing M Farrugia,
    • Fenech Lawrence,Design and Construction of a Model Floating Offshore Wind Turbine,Dr Ing T Sant, Dr Ing D Camilleri,
    • Genius Keith,Investigation of Proper Refrigerant Condenser Design,Dr Ing M Farrugia,
    • Grima Amanda,Mathematical Model of a Geothermal Air- Conditioning Unit,Dr Ing C Micallef,
    • Lanzon Kristian,Further Work on a Vapour Absorption Refrigerant Test Rig,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Saliba Adrian,Investigation of the Heat Transfer in the End Region of Small Electric Machines,Dr Ing C Micallef,
    • Scicluna Maxine,Numerical Modelling of Welded Structures Subject to Thermal Tensioning,Dr Ing D Camilleri,
    • Seychell Clive,Stress and Strain Analysis of A Phyiological Knee Joint,Dr Ing Z Sant,
    • Spiteri Andre,Designing a Disassembly Process for Household Appliances,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Spiteri Matthew,Energy Analysis and Efficiency Evaluation of a Pool Complex,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Vella Ramon,Design and Construction of a Low-Speed Open-Jet Wind Tunnel,Dr Ing T Sant,
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