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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2009-10
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2009/10

    • Attard Kimberly,Open Water Propeller Characteristics Testing,Dr C De Marco,
    • Azzopardi Gianella,Ship Modelling Analysis,Dr C. De Marco,
    • Azzopardi Luke,Numerical Investigation of the Sealing Properties of Swellable Elastomers for Oil and Gas Industry Applications, Industrial Partner: Swellfix B.V.,Dr P. Mollicone,
    • Baldacchino Daniel,An Investigation of the Aerodynamics of Wind Turbines in Wind Shear,Dr T Sant,
    • Bartolo David,The Performance Analysis of a Spark Ignition Engine,Dr M.Farrugia,
    • Borg Jonathan,Performance Testing for a Grid-Connector Micro-Wind Turbine in the Urban Environment,Dr T Sant, Ing R Farrugia,
    • Borg Joshua,Measurement and Analysis of the Dynamic Behaviour of a Model Floating Offshore Wind Turbine,Dr T Sant,
    • Camilleri Carl,Miniature A/C System, Industrial Partners: Seifert MTM ,Dr C. Micallef,
    • Cassar Noella,An Investigation of Noise Control Parameters and Measurement Techniques,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Cauchi Marija,Comparative Analysis of the Stress-Strain Distribution for the Healthy and Pathological Spinal Segment,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Cilia Jeffrey,Analysis of Stress Distribution within the Sternum (Foam Model),Dr Z Sant,
    • Coppini Alan,Conceptual Design of an Offshore Wind Turbine Installation Vessel,Dr C De Marco,
    • Grima Tiziana,Procedure for the Manufacture of Ship Models for use in a Test Tank,Dr C. De Marco,
    • Mallia Stephen,The Evaluation of An Existing Fishing Boat Hull, Developing Relevant Characterises and Properties,Dr C. De Marco,
    • Micallef Cuneyt,Determining the Vibration Characteristics of Simple Structures via Modal and Finite Element Analysis,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Mifsud Miray,Vibration Monitoring and Testing of Rotary Machines, Industrial Partner: Enemalta Corporation,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Sciortino Steve,Page Turner, Industrial Partners: FITA,Prof R. Ghirlando, Dr Saviour Zammit,
    • Seychell Charlo,Investigation on a Diesel Engine with a Common Rail Injection System.,Dr M Farrugia,
    • Sultana Karmichael,A Lightweight UAV Structure Design and FEA,Dr Z Sant,
    • Taliana Karlos,Weight Bearing Device (Lower Part),Dr Z Sant,
    • Vassallo Owen,Investigation on a Commercial Inverter Air Conditioner using Manual Speed Control,Dr M.Farrugia,
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