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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2010-11
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2010/11

    • Agius Charmaine,Fatigue Life Calculation for Spot Welded Structures,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Agius Sean,Development of a Simplified Computer Model for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines,Mr D Micallef,
    • Aguis Damian,An Analytical Investigation of Gas Turbine Performance in the Aerospace Field,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Aquilina Mattheo,Optimisation of the Wasteserv Incinerator,Prof R Ghirlando,Industiral Partner: Wasteserv Ltd
    • Baldacchino Damian,Design And Construction Of A Prototype Tennis Ball Throwing Machine,Dr. P. Mollicone,
    • Bonnici David,Performance Measurements on Model Floating Wind Turbines,Dr T Sant,
    • Borg Albert,Design, Construction and Testing of a Multi-Bladed Wind Tunnel Rotor,Dr T Sant,
    • Borg Christiana,Design & Construction Of A Hydraulic Bulging Apparatus For Sheet Metal Plates,Dr. C. De Marco,
    • Bugeja Ivan,Analysis of Stress-Strain Distribution within the Sternum after Median Sternotomy,Dr Z Sant,
    • Bugeja Terence,Design and Construction of a Dynomometer Test Bed for Internal Combustion Engine Testing,Dr. M. A. Farrugia,
    • Cachia Ryan,Design and Construction of a Wooden Boat,Dr. C. De Marco, Prof. C. Pule,
    • Camilleri Stephen,Investigation of Common Rail Diesel Engine,Dr. M. A. Farrugia,
    • Cini Mark,FEA and Experimental Validation of FSAE Car Chassis,Dr. P. Mollicone,
    • Cortis Jeremy,Design and Construction of a Fibre Glass Boat,Dr. C. De Marco,
    • Ellul Kurt,Experimental Investigation on Novel Ealstomers for Oil and Gas Industry Applications,Dr. P. Mollicone,
    • Farrugia Adrian,Conversion Of The Chicago Type Wind Pump To Generate Electricity The Structural Aspect,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Galea Daniela,Design and Development of an Automatic Two-Axis Distortion Measurement Machine,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Gauci Frank,Optimisation of an Existing Material Recovery Facility,Prof R Ghirlando,Industrial Partner: Wasteserv Ltd
    • Grech Andrea,Investigation of a Multi-hull Vessel,Dr. C. De Marco,
    • Grech Norbert,Use of Heat Pipes and Thermosyphons in Solar Desalination,Prof R Ghirlando, Mr P. Refalo,
    • Mangion Ronald,Application of Conventional Fixed Speed Air Conditioning,Dr. M. A. Farrugia,
    • Micallef Mark,Fatigue Life Prediction of Welded Wind Turbine Support Structures,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Muscat Melanie,Weight Bearing Device,Dr Z Sant,
    • Schembri Joseph,Testing of a Hot-Wire Anemometer in a Low-Speed Straight Through Wind Tunnel,Dr T Sant,
    • Sultana Sarah,Design and Development of an Experimental Semi-Automated Welding Rig,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Vella Eric,Investigation of Variable Expansion Device in Air Conditioning,Dr. M. A. Farrugia,
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