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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2011-12
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2011/12

    • Abela Christopher,Design and construction of a Stirling Engine for cooling applications,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Attard Andre,Muscular Activity during walk,Dr Z Sant,
    • Axisa Redeemer,Testing and Modelling of a Windmill Tower and Nacelle - The Structural Aspect,Dr M Muscat,
    • Azzopardi Edward,Mechanical Testing of Sandwich Panels,Dr C DeMarco,
    • Bartolo Maximilian,A Discontinious Operation of RO Plants,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Bonanno Marco,Condensate Movement,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Bonnici Colin,Reduced Solution methods applied to fusion welding of aluminium plates,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Borg Christabel,Computational model of a human sternum,Dr Z Sant,
    • Buhagiar Daniel,Analysis of a Wind Turbines Driven Hydraulic Pumo,Dr T Sant,
    • Buhagiar Paul,Experimental Measurements of Welding Induced Residual Stresses,Dr P Mollicone,
    • Busuttil Matthew,Fracture Forming Limit DiagramsL FFLD,Dr C DeMarco,
    • Buttigieg Samwel,Sternal Loading Frame,Dr Z Sant,
    • Camilleri Darren,Variable Compression Enginer,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Cassar Josianne,Open Field Performance Testing of a Multi-Bladed Wind Turbine Rotor, Dr T Sant, Ing R Farrugia,
    • Ciappara Stephen,Mixed Mode Ductile Fracture,Dr C DeMarco,
    • Cremona Nicol,Finite Element Modelling of Spot Welds Under Cyclic Loading,Dr M Muscat,
    • Dimech Karl,Modal analysis of composite structures,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Farrugia Jean Paul,Design and build of a high speed hydrofoil one person pleasure craft model,Dr C DeMarco,
    • Farrugia Nicholas,Progressing ply failure analysis of fibre-reinforced composites,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Farrugia Russell,Performance Analysis of a Low Speed Wind Tunnel using Measurements and SFD,Dr T Sant,
    • Fiorini Andrew,Gait Analysis,Dr Z Sant,
    • Formosa Mark,Contact Analysis using the Finite Element Method,Dr P Mollicone,
    • Gafa' Paul,A Study on Beam and Shell Elements,Dr M Muscat,
    • Galea Andre',Mechanical Testing and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on Novel Wind Turbine Structural Components,Dr P Mollicone,
    • Grech Lara,Book holder for handicapped,Dr Z Sant,
    • Micallef Mireille,Investigation on constituent phase material properties and fibre orientation of laminated composites,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Mollicone Jean-Paul,Investigating the Air Flow Behaviour around Lattice-Type Towers, Dr T Sant, Ing R Farrugia,
    • Podesta Christop,Desing of a Chemical Mixing Pressure Vessel,Dr M Muscat,
    • Said Matthew,Finite Element Analysis of Welding Induced Stresses,Dr P Mollicone,
    • Savona Mark,Experimental Investigation on the Mechanical Properties of Novel Materials for Oil & Gas Industry Applications,Dr P Mollicone,
    • Spiteri Claude,A Study of the Performance of the Wasteserv RES,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Vassallo Alan,Measurement and Analysis of the Hydrodynamic Forces on Model Support Structures for Deep Water Offshore Wind Turbines,Dr T Sant,
    • Zammit Billy,Conceptual Design of a Low-Speed Displacement Hull,Dr C DeMarco
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