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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2012-13
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2012/13

    • Agius Shawn,Stability of Marine Vessels,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Alamango Kyle,Variable Compression Engine,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Azzopardi Jean Paul,Theory and practice for tuning and modifying a force induced Formula SAE engine,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Azzopardi Mark,Studying the performance relation between semidisplacement and planning hulls,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Baldacchino David,Design and building of an aerodynamically supported marine vessel,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Baldacchino James,Engine Related Project Formulas SAE,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Buhagiar Ryan,Impact of Sandwich Panels,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Busuttil Marika,Aid for Elderly People,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Camilleri Glenn,Investigation of water injection in IC engines,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Camilleri Josef,Design & analysis of a prismatic powerboat in a planing condition ,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Camilleri Mark,Troubleshooting a Vapour Absorption Refrigeration System,Dr Ing Christopher Micallef,
    • Camilleri Mona Lisa,Effect on the load of Muscle Recruitment,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Cassar Nathaniel,Energy Recovery Micro-Turbine,Prof R Ghirlando, Dr T Sant,
    • Cassar Rodianne,Energy Performance of the Manoel Theatre,Prof Ghirlando,
    • Cordinga Christian,Performance Analysis of a Multi-bladed Wind Turbine Rotor,Dr T. Sant, Ing R. Farrugia,
    • Cuschieri Kurt,Behaviour characteristics of an aerofoil under dynamic stall conditions,Dr T. Sant,
    • D’Agata Alistair,The use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas for Vehicles,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Dalmas Yasmine,Experimental Measurements of Residual Stresses,Dr P. Mollicone,
    • Debono Ryan,Experimental Measurements of Welding Induced Residual Stresses,Dr P. Mollicone,
    • Deguara Dylan,Characterization of Bone Tissue,Dr Z. Sant, Dr J. Buhagiar,
    • Ellul Claire,Performance Analysis of a Wind Anemometers of Floating Structures,Dr T. Sant, Ing F. Farrugia,
    • Galea Gary,Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on Novel Wind Turbine Structural Components,Dr P. Mollicone,
    • Galea Matthew,Performance analysis of a Model Floating Vertical Axis Wind Turbine using Measurements and CFD,Dr T. Sant,
    • Galea Raisa ,Sound propagation models for the prediction of  environmental noise levels,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Grech amy,Design of a Gantry Crane,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Grech Jana ,Testing and Optimisation of GRP Pressure Vessels Subject to Internal Pressure and Cyclic Loading,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Grixti Michael,Analysis of ship structures,Dr C. DeMarco,
    • Micallef Daniela,Optimisation of Thermal Cages Heat Transfer Performance,Dr D. Camilleri,
    • Micallef Daniela Marie,Optimisation of Thermal Cages Heat Transfer Performance,Dr D Camilleri,
    • Micallef Marisa,Measurement and Modelling of the Hydrodynamic Forces on Model Support Structures for the Deep Water Offshore Wind Turbines,Dr T Sant,
    • Minuri Gauci Thelma,Investigating the performance characteristics of a hot film probe,Dr Ing Chrisopher Micallef,
    • Pace Luke,Discontinues Operations of RO Plants,Prof R Ghirlando,
    • Said Ronato,Investigation free surface modelling capabilities using Fluent,Dr Ing Chrisopher Micallef,
    • Saliba Jonathan,Design and Construction of a Swimming Pool Cleaner,Dr T. Sant, Prof L Mule Stagnio,
    • Sciberras Delia,Finite Element Modelling of Spot Welded Components,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Shamala Omar,Experimental Testing of Fusion Welded Structures subject to Thermal Tensioning,Dr D. Camilleri,
    • Vella Alain, How characterization of bone material influences the mathematical modelling in bone tissue engineering,Dr Z. Sant, Dr J. Buhagiar,
    • Vella Christine,Design, Fabrication and Testing of a small hoist and frame,Dr Martin Muscat,
    • Vella Rudie,Contact Analysis using the Finite Element Method,Dr P. Mollicone,
    • Xerri Stefan,Investigation of Humidity and Voltage Changes on Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Zahra James,Catalyic Converter use on SI Engines,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Zammit Annemarie,Stress Analysis of Wind Turbine Tower Nacelle,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Zammit Kyle,Free-Piston Engine,Prof R Ghirlando,
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