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B.Eng.(Hons) FYPs 2013-14
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    Final Year Projects Supervised by the Department of Mechanical Engineering - 2013/14

    • Agius Maria Kristina,Stress-strain Analysis of a Healthy Hip-Joint ,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Baldacchino James,Setup of Exhaust Ducting System & Testing of FSAE Engine,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Bartolo Analise,Development of a Prototype Steam Jet Root Canal Cleaning Instrument,Dr C. Micallef,
    • Borg Carl,Development and testing of a small hoist and frame,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Borg Joseph A,Construction and Analysis of a Wind Tunnel Enclosure,Dr C. Micallef,
    • Bugeja Ryan,Assessing the Structural Integrity of a Wind Turbine Nacelle,Dr M. Muscat,
    • Buhagiar Liana,Reducing the carbon footprint of the wine industry,Prof. R. Ghirlando,
    • Busuttil Daniel,Further Improvements to the Water Injection in SI Engine Setup,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Buttigieg Lara,Modelling of Intervertebral Disc,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Caruana Andre,Analysis of Injection Die Cooling,Dr C. Micallef,
    • Cauchi Ryan,Assessing the use of biofuels in ic engines,Prof. R. Ghirlando,
    • Cilia Mark,Design of a waste-water treatment plant for the wine industry ,Prof. R. Ghirlando,
    • Darmanin Anton,Continuation to Catalytic Converter use in SI engines,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Diacono Leonard,Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Composite Pipe Flanges,Dr D. Camilleri,SliverCraft Products Ltd
    • Farrugia Matthew,Investigation into the effects of exhaust silencers on performance of SI engines,Dr M. Farrugia,
    • Farrugia Nicholas,Continuation of the Turbocharging of the Kawasaki 600cc Engine for FSAE,Dr M. Farrugia,Honeywell Garrett
    • Farrugia Nicholas,Modelling Sternotomy via FEA,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Galea Ryan Paul,The Investigation of Slats and Flaps on an Aerofoil,Dr C. Micallef,
    • Gatt Mark,Heat Exchanger Modelling and optimizing a wound condenser,Dr C. Micallef,Seifert MTM Systems
    • Mallia Stephen,Numerical Modelling of Friction-stir welding,Dr D. Camilleri, Dr.D Micallef,Forms part of the HILDA European FP7 project
    • Mercieca Gerald F,Testing of Sternal Foam Model,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Muscat Carl,Load for FEA using loading AnyBody,Dr Z. Sant,
    • Sciberras Thomas,Fatigue Analysis of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Components,Dr P. Mollicone,Econetique, Alurwind
    • Vella Francesca,Structural Analysis of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine,Dr P. Mollicone,Econetique, Alurwind
    • Vella Mark,Methods for cleaning reverse osmosis membranes,Prof. R. Ghirlando, Prof. M. Grech,Water Services Corporation
    • Zammit Nathan,Experimental Measurements of Residual Stresses,Dr P. Mollicone
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