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While the Maltese territorial waters are enormous, the deep waters present a number of engineering challenges for exploiting renewable energy offshore. The following summarizes research activities related to marine-based renewable energy in deep sea conditions.

Aerodynamics of Floating Wind Turbines:Floating support platforms offer a lower stiffness to wind turbines that fixed structures mounted on the sea bed. Computational fluid dynamicsand wind tunnel measurementsareusedtoassess the influence of wave-induced platform motion on the aerodynamic performanceand the near wake physics of floating turbines. 

Design of Offshore Support Structures:Analysis of deep water structures is conducted through the various software packages including ANSYS and DNV BLADED, enabling design optimisation for Central Mediterranean conditions.  Applications include deep offshore support structuresfor wind turbines and wind measurement masts.

Offshore Wind and Thermocline Energy Production: The sea temperature below thermocline formations deviates considerably from ambient temperatures observed in the onshore urban environment in coastal countries with warm climates. New offshore floating technology capable of concurrently exploiting offshore wind resources in conjunction with the renewable thermal energy resources stored in deep seas may offer opportunities to reduce costs of floating wind farms.  This forms the basis of a new concept, being referred to as Offshore Wind and Thermocline Energy Production (OWTEP) concept, currently being researched.  The concept is based on the application of wind turbinespumpingcold deep sea-water across a pipeline under pressure to a land-based plant consisting of a hydro-electric plant and heat exchanger, enabling the combined generation of electricity and use of the deep sea water as a superior heat sink for district cooling applications.


Funded Projects


Selected Publications

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