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"Currently I am working as a Design Jig engineer at Methode Electronics Malta Ltd. The M.Sc. IPD course enabled me to pursue further my career in manufacturing as well as in management. This M.Sc. enabled me to learn further engineering related topics such as advanced manufacturing processes, entrepreneurship, lean and agile manufacturing. What makes this masters course so unique is that it also deals with managerial topics such as finance and marketing which are essential for a practicing engineer." 

Abigail Cutajar
"Thank you to all at the Faculty of Engineering for helping me achieve my MSc, especially my tutor Mr. Vella for his guidance throughout. I am particularly grateful towards all the DMME lab staff for their dedicated help! With the skills I gave gained obtaining this degree, I am sure I will succeed in my future career path. Thanks!" 

Sophie Briffa
"Studying at the department of Materials and Metallurgy engineering within the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Malta has been a fulfilling experience.  In my present studies, the flexibility offered to me through the department's staff has allowed me to coalesce engineering with biotechnology in order to pursue studies in the field of bio-material engineering.  This ability to adapt to current trends in research is what makes the department exceptional.  This aforementioned ability is the product of a departmental attitude to embrace wider research areas in order to provide excellence through the perseverance of all those who work and study within it."

Malcolm Caligari Conti
"Choosing a degree is one of the most important tasks one faces throughout their life – choosing a degree in engineering can be a life altering decision as it can open new doors to opportunities which one usually only dreams about. With this degree one can expect to broaden their horizons and reach new heights in their personal and occupational aims. 
I wish to express my gratitude to all at the Faculty of Engineering for their invaluable help along the years while I was studying and especially to my supervisor Dr Glenn Cassar for the support during the final year – incidentally also one of the most rewarding and educative years of the course."

Bonnie Attard



Last Updated: 7 March 2013

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