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'The Euro Crisis and National Elections in Malta and Italy'

Discussion event held on 15 May at the EDC

On Wednesday 15 May, a discussion on the recent elections in Italy and Malta was held at the European Documentation Centre (EDC), which is hosted by the Institute for European Studies. 


The discussion, was coordinated by Dr Marcello Carammia (Lecturer at the Institute for European Studies) and the speakers were Prof. Roderick Pace (Director of the Institute for European Studies and Jean Monnet Chair) and Dr Filippo Tronconi (Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Bologna).    

A full report on the event can be found here.


'The Lisbon Treaty and Citizenship in Europe'

Discussion event held on 8 April at the EDC 

A panel discussion entitled ‘The Lisbon Treaty and Citizenship in Europe’ was held on 8th April at the European Documentation Centre (EDC), housed at the Institute for European Studies at the University of Malta. The event was organised in collaboration with the European Commission Representation, Malta. The panel was composed of Mr Martin Bugelli (Head of European Commission Representation Malta), Professor Roderick Pace (Director of the Institute and Jean Monnet Chair), Dr Mark Harwood (Senior Lecturer in European Studies) and Dr Marcello Carammia (Lecturer in European Studies).


A full report on the event can be found here



The Fourth Gozo Seminar

February 2013

The fourth dissertation seminar for final year Bachelor of European Studies students was held at Manresa House in Gozo on 27 and 28 February 2013.

Preparations for this seminar started early in the academic year, in a meeting which European Studies Director Prof. Roderick Pace, and resident academic Mr Jean Micallef Grimaud had with third year students in November 2012. Students thus had the necessary time to prepare well for the seminar, in consultation with their respective supervisors. 

Twenty one students and the seven resident academic staff of the Institute for European Studies attended the seminar. The aim of the seminar was to provide students with the opportunity to present on-going dissertation work. Therefore, students presented their dissertation areas mainly focusing on the research question/s, literature review, and theoretical and methodological approaches which they were applying. Students were also able to air any preliminary findings or specific problems encountered so far. 

As is customary in this seminar, short presentations were followed by a discussion among students and the academic staff, who gave their feedback on the presentations. 

Following a short introductory plenary session, the seminar involved six parallel sessions, with students being divided into different groups according to the theme of the sessions. 

During the seminar, a presentation of the Institute for European Studies’ post-graduate course was also delivered by Prof. Pace. 

At the end of the seminar, students were forwarded a feedback form whereby they could anonymously give their comments and suggestions on this seminar. As in previous years, the feedback received was very positive, and students praised the organization and value of holding such a seminar. In particular, the students appreciated the feedback they received on their work, and they enjoyed the opportunity to get to know fellow students better, now that they are approaching the end of their course of studies.

The next Gozo seminar will build on this feedback to ensure that it will live up to student expectations and to continue in its success and popularity among the Institute’s undergraduate students. 

The fourth Gozo seminar 

First Jean Monnet Chair Colloquium

December 2012

On 20th December 2012 a colloquium was held at Dar L-Ewropa in Valletta to start the research part of the Jean Monnet Project “An Evolving EU Engaging a Changing Mediterranean Region”. The colloquium, which was chaired by Prof Roderick Pace, Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Malta, was attended by Prof Fulvio Attina of the University of Catania, Prof Aylin Güney Jean Monnet Chair at Yasar University, Izmir, Professor Magnús Árni Magnússon, Bifrost University, Iceland, Dr Stelios Stavridis, ARAID Researcher, University of Zaragoza, and from the  Institute of European Studies Dr Mark Harwood, Dr Marcello Carammia, Mr Stefano Moncada, Ms Moira Catania and Mr Jean Micallef Grimaud. In attendance were also a number of M.A. students and a Ph.D. student from the Institute. The first reports of the working teams were presented. This activity was also co-financed by University of Malta research funding.

The main objective of the Jean Monnet Project is to analyse and assess key developments in the EU as it evolves further, particularly in the light of the Lisbon Treaty implementation, enlargement, as well as developments in the Mediterranean Region following the Arab-Spring.

The project’s main theme of "An Evolving EU Engaging a Changing Mediterranean Region" is split into seven working-themes, each led by a member of the Institute’s academic staff. Prof Roderick Pace is co-ordinating working-teams one, “The State of the EU after Lisbon and its External Action in the Mediterranean”, and six “Energy Security and Alternatives in the Mediterranean Region”; Dr Mark Harwood leads working-team two, "State Building and Democratic Consolidation (Egypt, Libya, Tunisia)"; Ms Moira Catania working-team three, “Economic Change in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia”; Dr Marcello Carammia  leads working-team four, “Mediterranean Migration”; Mr Stefano Moncada leads working-team 5, “Climate Change & Development in the Mediterranean Region”; and Mr Jean Micallef Grimaud leads working-team seven, “Institutional Issues”.

A presentation on each of the working-themes was carried out by the respective working-team co-ordinators during the colloquium. The reports were discussed amongst the academic discussants present at the meeting, with participation from the floor.


Synopsis - Public Lecture by Prof. Michelle Pace

Can the European Union Feel? When Political Psychology Encounters Foreign Policy – public lecture by Professor Michelle Pace at the European Documentation Centre (hosted by the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta)

Joint Policy Study on migration
EuroMeSCo Joint Policy Study 4: Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Policies.  Case Studies of Jorda, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece

Article by Prof. Roderick Pace
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 65: The Trust Fund for Africa: A Preliminary Assessment

Jean Monnet Occasional Paper Series no. 14
Governance in the EU Member States – Evidence from Three Global Indicators by Professor Lino Briguglio

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