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Year 1
EST1010 - The Theoretical Foundations of European Integration
EST1020 - The Legal Order of the European Union
EST1030 - Introduction to Comparative Politics of Europe
EST1032 - Institutions of the European Union
EST1033 - Introductory Economics for European Studies
EST1036 - A Historical Perspective on EU Integration
EST1037 - EU Comparative Politics and Institutions
EST1038 - The EU Economy
EST1040 - Introductory Micro Economics for European Studies 
EST 1041 - Introductory Macro Economics for European Studies
EST 1042 - European Integration Theories, Paradigms and Key Documents
Year 2
EST2010 - Theories of International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis
EST2020 - Small States and the EU
EST2030 - Contemporary European Security
EST2040 - The Development of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
EST2050 - The History of European Political Thought
EST2060 - The Law of the Internal Market of the European Union
EST2070 - EU Competition Law
EST2080 - Biotechnology in Europe
EST2090 - Basic Texts in European Integration
EST2100 - The Social Policy Agenda of the EU
EST2110 - The History of European Integration
EST2130 - EU-Malta Relations
EST2140 - Politics of the European Union
EST2170 - Malta in the European Union
EST2180 - The Political and Economic Theories of Small States
EST2200 - Contemporary Migration Issues across the Mediterranean
EST2210 - Development Studies and the EU
EST2224 - Social Policy Theory and the EU
EST2226 - Issues in EU Social Policy
EST2228 - The EU Economy
EST2230 - Social Policy and the European Union
EST2231 - World Politics and the National Foreign Policies of the EU States
EST2232 - World Politics and the EU
Year 3
EST3010 - The Economics of European Integration
EST3020 - EU Trade Policy
EST3030 - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the EU
EST3060 - Regional Development and the EU Structural Funds
EST3090 - Euro-Mediterranean Relations
EST3100 - Federalism in Europe
EST3120 - Consumer Law and Policies in the EU
EST3150 - EU Policies and Political Dynamics
EST3170 - The External Relations of the European Union
EST3180 - Legal Safeguards for Human Rights in Europe
EST3190 - European Environmental Law and Policy
EST3191 - Europe 2020 and EU SME Policy
EST3192 - EU Economic and Monetary Union
EST3193 - European Union Trade Policy
EST3194 - EU Consumer Law and Policies
EST3197 - Comparative Federalism and the EU
EST3199 - Political Parties in Europe
EST3200 - The EU's External Policies and the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
EST3202 - Italian Politics
EST 3204 - The Economy and Economics of the EU
EST 3205 - The Political Theories and Historical Processes of European Integration




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