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Year 1
EST1010 - The Theoretical Foundations of European Integration
EST1020 - The Legal Order of the European Union
EST1030 - Introduction to Comparative Politics of Europe
EST1032 - Institutions of the European Union
EST1033 - Introductory Economics for European Studies
EST1036 - A Historical Perspective on EU Integration
EST1037 - EU Comparative Politics and Institutions
EST1038 - The EU Economy
EST1040 - Introductory Micro Economics for European Studies 
EST 1041 - Introductory Macro Economics for European Studies
EST 1042 - European Integration Theories, Paradigms and Key Documents
Year 2
EST2010 - Theories of International Relations and Foreign Policy Analysis
EST2020 - Small States and the EU
EST2030 - Contemporary European Security
EST2040 - The Development of the EU's Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
EST2050 - The History of European Political Thought
EST2060 - The Law of the Internal Market of the European Union
EST2070 - EU Competition Law
EST2080 - Biotechnology in Europe
EST2090 - Basic Texts in European Integration
EST2100 - The Social Policy Agenda of the EU
EST2110 - The History of European Integration
EST2130 - EU-Malta Relations
EST2140 - Politics of the European Union
EST2170 - Malta in the European Union
EST2180 - The Political and Economic Theories of Small States
EST2200 - Contemporary Migration Issues across the Mediterranean
EST2210 - Development Studies and the EU
EST2224 - Social Policy Theory and the EU
EST2226 - Issues in EU Social Policy
EST2228 - The EU Economy
EST2230 - Social Policy and the European Union
EST2231 - World Politics and the National Foreign Policies of the EU States
EST2232 - World Politics and the EU
Year 3
EST3010 - The Economics of European Integration
EST3020 - EU Trade Policy
EST3030 - Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in the EU
EST3060 - Regional Development and the EU Structural Funds
EST3090 - Euro-Mediterranean Relations
EST3100 - Federalism in Europe
EST3120 - Consumer Law and Policies in the EU
EST3150 - EU Policies and Political Dynamics
EST3170 - The External Relations of the European Union
EST3180 - Legal Safeguards for Human Rights in Europe
EST3190 - European Environmental Law and Policy
EST3191 - Europe 2020 and EU SME Policy
EST3192 - EU Economic and Monetary Union
EST3193 - European Union Trade Policy
EST3194 - EU Consumer Law and Policies
EST3197 - Comparative Federalism and the EU
EST3199 - Political Parties in Europe
EST3200 - The EU's External Policies and the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP)
EST3202 - Italian Politics
EST 3204 - The Economy and Economics of the EU
EST 3205 - The Political Theories and Historical Processes of European Integration




Extended opening hours - EDC
Extension of opening hours - May/June 2018

Brexit: the Irish Context
Public talk by Dr Liam Weeks University College Cork, Ireland) at Europe House, Valletta

The Discreet charm of STV (Single Transferable Vote)
Public lecture by Dr Liam Weeks (University College Cork, Ireland)

Small States Workshop
Call for abstracts for a workshop entitled “Small States and the Political Upheavals Related to Immigration"

EU-Turkey deal and the impact on refugee children
Professor Michelle Pace will present her contribution in a book entitled Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe: Integrating the Young and Exiled. Professor Pace, together with Somdeep Sen is a co-editor of this publication which will be published in March 2018

Declaration of Authenticity
Please include the Declaration of Authenticity with every assignment you submit to the Institute for European Studies. The Declaration should be printed and filled-in at home, beforehand.

The form can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

Last Updated: 9 March 2016

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