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JM Prof Thorallsson PaperOccasional paper no.2/2013Dr Magnússon Paper
Iceland's contested European Policy: The Footprint of the Past - A Small and Insular Society [PDF]Migration in the Central Mediterranean [PDF]Taking its place in Europe – Iceland's long road to its EU application [PDF]
Author: Baldur ThorhallssonAuthor: Roderick PaceAuthor: Magnús Árni Magnússon
Patricia Mallia Occasional Paper thumbnailJean Monnet Occasional Paper 05/2014algheittathumb
The Challenges of Irregular Maritime Migration[PDF]Government failure, opposition success? Electoral performance in Portugal and Italy at the time of the crisis [PDF]The future of human rights protection in the new Libya: prospects and challenges [PDF]
Author: Patricia MalliaAuthors: Enrico Borghetto, Elisabetta De Giorgi and Marco Lisi 
Author: Nasser Algheitta

BiagiSimone Borgghoneim_cover_page

The 2011 constitutional reform in Morocco: more flaws than merits [PDF]

Author: Francesco Biagi  

Adapting to climate change from a regional perspective: in search of a requisite policy and legal framework for the Mediterranean[PDF]

Author: Simone Borg 

The roots of economic challenges facing Egypt in the aftermath of the 25th January revolution[PDF]

Author: Ahmed Ghoneim  


MODEL COUNTRIES IN POLITICAL ANALYSIS: Is Turkey a Model for State-Building in the Arab World? [PDF]

 Authors: Aylin Güney and Hasret Dikici Bilgin


Migration and asylum: The movement of people in the Mediterranean Region - Future scenarios and the EU response [PDF]

Author: Berta Fernandez Alfaro


State-building in Iraq since 2003: the Challenges and Lessons [PDF]

 Author: Arsalan Alshinawi


Governing Climate Change in the Mediterranean: Fragmentation in Dialogue, Markets and Funds [PDF]

Author: Angelos Katsaris 


Governance in the EU Member States - Evidence from Three Global Indicators [PDF]

Author: Lino Briguglio 


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