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1. The Civil Society Project

This was a five-year Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence Project.  In its first year, (Oct 2004-Sep 2005) the Project focused on Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Equality in Malta.  The focus of the second year was on The Family, Law, Religion and Society in the European Union and Malta.  In its third year the theme was Business Ethics in the EU and Malta while in its fourth year the focus was on The Fight Against Poverty. The fifth and final year of the project, marked the fifth anniversary of Malta's Membership of the EU.  The theme was Malta's Membership of the EU: Five Years On and Looking to the Future.

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2. MESA Project

Following the successful completion of the first two Malta European Studies Association (MESA) Projects, the MESA was awarded another Project grant by the Jean Monnet Programme in 2006.  In its first year (Dec 2006-Sep 2007), the lecture series focused on the Debate on the Constitution for Europe.  The Second Jean Monnet Seminar Series focused on The Reform Treaty and its Implications.  The MESA project is now in its third year and the Seminar series will focus on The New Social Policy Agenda and the Lisbon Treaty.

Under the first MESA programme, the MESA organised six seminars a year on current issues.  These were always very well attended by the MESA members.   The seminar papers have been published, and a list is available here.  Copies are available from the EDRC.

3. Annual EDRC Conference

The EDRC has always organised an annual Conference.  The Conference used to be held around April in conjunction with  MESA and the Jean Monnet Chair, the proceedings of which are published.  For the full list of EDRC publications please click here.

The history of the annual conference can be summarised as concentrating on the following topical issues:

  • the EU legal order and institutions
  • changes in the political and economic framework such as monetary union
  • the individual in the EU
  • Malta’s position pre-accession and post-accession as a Mediterranean partner, and as a small state
  • on the legal, economic, political and cultural implications of the various Treaty Reform proposals.

The conferences have in recent years been held in September. Maltese and international experts are invited each year to address the theme of the conference.  The Conferences are aimed at a national audience.

Recent Conferences (since 2005) have been held within the framework of the Civil Society Project.  Following the publication of a Civil Society Project Report in June/July.  The Conferences organised so far were as follows:

  • Working For an Inclusive Society (15th September 2005)
  • Family Values in the European Union and Malta (19th September 2006)
  • The "Good" Company: Business Ethics in the EU and Malta (20th September 2007)
  • The Fight Against Poverty (24th September 2008)
  • Malta in the EU: 2004 - 2009 (15th May 2009)

Further details about the Conferences and the respective Reports can be found here

4. The Dialogue Project (2006-2007)

The full title of this two-year Project was The Role of Intercultural Dialogue for the Development of a New (Plural, Democratic) Citizenship.
The EDRC is participating as one of four partner institutions.  Professor Antonio Papisca of the University of Padova co-ordinated the Project.  Following a number of group meetings, a Conference in March 2006, and a Final Conference in 2007, the papers of all Working Groups were published in book form.  The Malta team was composed of several of the EDRC's long-term academic collaboraters from across the Mediterranean, under the co-ordination of Professor Xuereb.

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5. The EU-Med Project (2002-2004)

The EU-MED Project, which has recently been finalised was a two-year project based on a research network. The network discussed particular problems faced by the Mediterranean such as security, terrorism, economic inclusion, human rights, democracy and gender equality.  The researchers, who came from Mediterranean and European countries, met in Conference annually in September, and the proceedings of each Conference have been published.

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