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This Project has been awarded in terms of the EDRC’s  status as a Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence.  In its first year 2005, the Project focused on Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Equality in Malta.  Themes which were discussed in the Report and subsequently in the Conference included:
1. Gender;
2. Religion;
3. Race and Ethnicity;
4. Disability;
5. Sexual Orientation; and
6. Age

This Report served as the basis for the first Civil Society Conference held on 15th September 2005, titled: Working for an Inclusive Society which it gave the participants the opportunity to analyse the present situation in Maltese society.
Conference Programme

All Conference participants and all European Documentation Centres worldwide received a follow-up CD containing  the Report and the proceedings of the Conference.

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Anti-Discrimination, Inclusion and Equality in Malta

In it's second year the Project focused on The Family in Malta, Europe and the Mediterranean.  The focus was on family values in the context of Malta’s role as a Member State and the possible impact of the Acquis, and our possible influence on it.  The perspective was a multi-disciplinary one involving participants from NGOs and academics specialising in different fields such as Law, Theology, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Public Policy and others.

The three main themes were:
1. The Concept of the Family in Law, Sociology and   Religion;
2.Reconciliation of Work and Family in the EU; other Social Issues and Maltese Policy; and
3.The Multicultural Society, Secularism, Christianity, Judaism and Islam - a false confrontation of values?

The second Civil Society Project Report titled: The Family, Law, Religion and Society in the European Union and Malta was published in July in time for the Conference participants to evaluate the state of affairs in Malta and be prepared for the Conference which took the debate forward, and examined policies and experiences at European level.
On 19th September 2006 a Conference titled: Family Values in the European Union and Malta was addressed by experts in the field including former and current members of the European Parliament.
Conference Programme

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The Family, Law, Religion and Society in the European Union and Malta

Workshop Results

The Civil Society Project is now in it's third year, and the theme this year is Ethics in Business in Europe and the Mediterranean.  The theme is set against the broad background of the Project to date, namely the place and role of values in the Acquis Communautaire.  This year's Project asks: What shared values emerge within the EU and between the EU and its Neighbours in the sphere of Business and Civil Society?

The four main themes are:
1. Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) and Values;
2. Corporate Governance (CG) and Values;
3. Business and Society, with special regard to Vulnerable Groups; and
4. Civil Society and CSR and CG

The same pattern as in previous years that, is the publication of the Civil Society Project Report, a Conference and the dissemination of CDs worldwide follows.   
EU-Turkey deal and the impact on refugee children
Professor Michelle Pace will present her contribution in a book entitled Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe: Integrating the Young and Exiled. Professor Pace, together with Somdeep Sen is a co-editor of this publication which will be published in March 2018

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