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This two-year Jean Monnet Project involves many contributors coming from different multi-cultural backgrounds, who however share the same objective that is, their aim to study intercultural dialogue and factors that enhance it.

The Project consists of the following four working groups, each coordinated by a partner University:

Working Group 1: Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights, Civil Society and World Order Issues (co-ordinated by Prof. Marco Mascia - University of Padova)
Working Group 2: Intercultural Dialogue and Democracy (co-ordinated by Prof. Maria Karasinska-Fendler - University of Lodz)
Working Group 3: Intercultural Dialogue and EU-Med Partnership (co-ordinated by Prof. Peter G. Xuereb - University of Malta)
Working Group 4: Governing a Multi-Cultural Europe (co-ordinated by Prof. Constantin Stephanou - Panteion University)

Citizenship is a central theme of all Groups and it will be tackled from different perspectives such as international law, human rights, integration, and democracy.

All group co-ordinators addressed a first Conference in Padova on 24th and 25th March.
Conference Programme

In order to examine the most important concepts related to Intercultural Dialogue and the EU-Med Partnership, Prof Xuereb split the members of Working Group 3 into three workshops:
1. Evolution of Citizenship and Fundamental Rights under the Partnership
2. The Nurturing and Development of Civil Society
3. The Mobilisation of NGOs in the Partner Countries, their roles, relations with European NGOs and their engagement in global NGO networks.

The culmination of this Project is a Conference in Padova, Italy at the beginning of March 2007, and the publication of all the participants' papers in an extensive Report, in preparation for 2008 - the year dedicated by the European Commission to Intercultural Dialogue.

The participants in these workshops have extensive experience and expertise in EU-Med research, and most of them have also previously contributed to the EDRC's EU-Med Project. 
EU-Turkey deal and the impact on refugee children
Professor Michelle Pace will present her contribution in a book entitled Syrian Refugee Children in the Middle East and Europe: Integrating the Young and Exiled. Professor Pace, together with Somdeep Sen is a co-editor of this publication which will be published in March 2018

Declaration of Authenticity
Please include the Declaration of Authenticity with every assignment you submit to the Institute for European Studies. The Declaration should be printed and filled-in at home, beforehand.

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