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  [N.B. All prices exclusive of postage and  packing]



ISSN 1023 - 0939  (Price per copy:  Lm2.00, €4.66)

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  2. Sant Cassia Sabine, "The Mediterranean Programmes of the EC's New Mediterranean Policy"
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ISSN 1023 - 1633 (Price per copy: Lm2.50, €5.83)

  1. Zahra Helga, "EC Law and Policy On State Aids And The Possible Effects On The Maltese Legal Position".
  2. Gatt Bernardette, "The Jurisdictional Aspects of Regulation 4064/89 on the Control of Concentrations Between Undertakings".
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  6. Usher John, "Tax Discrimination, Capital Movements and the Single Market"
  7. Usher John, "The Intergovernmental Conference - Flexibility in Action?".
Current Issues in International Taxation
Public talk by Dr Asa Hansson

Synopsis - Public Lecture by Prof. Michelle Pace

Can the European Union Feel? When Political Psychology Encounters Foreign Policy – public lecture by Professor Michelle Pace at the European Documentation Centre (hosted by the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta)

Joint Policy Study on migration
EuroMeSCo Joint Policy Study 4: Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Policies.  Case Studies of Jorda, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece

Article by Prof. Roderick Pace
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 65: The Trust Fund for Africa: A Preliminary Assessment

Jean Monnet Occasional Paper Series no. 14
Governance in the EU Member States – Evidence from Three Global Indicators by Professor Lino Briguglio

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