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TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference, 10-11 November 2016
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The Trans European Policy Studies (TEPSA) and the Malta Pre Presidency Conference

The Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) will be organizing its Pre-Presidency Conference in Malta at the University Campus in Valletta on Thursday 10 and Friday 11 November 2016. It is being hosted by the Institute for European Studies of the University of Malta.

The inaugural speech is going to be made by the Deputy Prime Minister Mr Louis Grech.The conference will also be addressed by Minister Carmelo Abela and Parliamentary Secretary Ian Borg. Three Maltese MEPs are participating namely Dr Roberta Metsola, Mrs Marlene Mizzi and Dr Alfred Sant. 

TEPSA will present its Presidency recommendations to Deputy Prime Minister Mr Louis Grech.

Three discussion panels are planned one on economic and political dimensions of the Mediterranean Region, another on migration and the last on BREXIT. Each will be followed by a discussion session in which those present will be able to join.

About 44 representatives from research institutes from all over the EU will be at the conference and more than double that number of seats have been reserved for Maltese participants. These seats will be allocated on a first come basis. Attendance is free of charge but participants must send in their application form to Stefan Bezzina, duly filled in by 1 November 2016. Click here [PDF] to download the booking form.

The full conference program  is available from here [PDF].

Synopsis - Public Lecture by Prof. Michelle Pace

Can the European Union Feel? When Political Psychology Encounters Foreign Policy – public lecture by Professor Michelle Pace at the European Documentation Centre (hosted by the Institute for European Studies, University of Malta)

Joint Policy Study on migration
EuroMeSCo Joint Policy Study 4: Migrants and Refugees. Impact and Policies.  Case Studies of Jorda, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece

Article by Prof. Roderick Pace
EuroMeSCo Policy Brief 65: The Trust Fund for Africa: A Preliminary Assessment

Jean Monnet Occasional Paper Series no. 14
Governance in the EU Member States – Evidence from Three Global Indicators by Professor Lino Briguglio

Declaration of Authenticity
Please include the Declaration of Authenticity with every assignment you submit to the Institute for European Studies. The Declaration should be printed and filled-in at home, beforehand.

The form can be downloaded directly by clicking here.

Last Updated: 24 November 2016

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