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'Emerging Disability Issues: varieties of disability activism

and disability studies' 

The main aim of this conference is to bring together disability activists and disability scholars from across Europe, the Mediterranean region and other parts of the world to present research about and discuss developments in the disability sector in their respective countries, the current state of affairs, and projections for the future. 

The conference will take place in 2018, a decade after the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into effect. The themes chosen for this conference are therefore inspired by the articles of the CRPD. We would also like to emphasise that this conference should also be a space for themes to emerge which are not directly mentioned in this Call for Papers.

1. The everyday lives of disabled people: quality of life: accessibility; independent living; assistive technology and means of support; health and rehabilitation services; education; employment; political and public life; culture, recreation and leisure; sport; experiences of abuse; poverty.

2. Disability policy and legislation and disability activism: anti-discrimination legislation; legal capacity; access to justice; the right to life and the right to die; disability policies and strategies; past and present achievements; past, present and future concerns; roles of disabled people, parents and family members, professionals, other non-disabled people. 

3. Cultural representations of disability: cultural productions by/about disabled people; historical and contemporary representations; the visual arts; the performing arts; the digital arts; film, television, and documentary; music; literature and fiction; print, broadcast, and social media. 

4. Disability theories and research methodologies: different models of disability; definitions of disability; embodiment, enmindment, and disability; critical disability studies; posthumanism and disability. emancipatory disability research; inclusive research; the use of quantitative and qualitative methodologies in disability research; interdisciplinary approaches to disability research. 

5. Individual, intersectional and other issues: gender issues; disabled children and their families; ethnicity; sexuality; parenting; disabled youth; older disabled people; intersections between the themes outlined above; other themes that are related to the aim of the conference but that do not fit easily into any of the above themes and sub-themes. 

Developments within the disability sector have varied across countries and have been affected by, among other factors, each country’s history, culture and economy. Conference participants are thus encouraged to take into account and acknowledge this context when presenting their piece.  

Proposals are being accepted for panels, individual papers, roundtable discussions and poster presentations. Abstracts should be submitted on the Online Submission Form by 31 December 2017. For further enquiries send an email. 


Last Updated: 19 July 2017

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