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Oral Presentations 

Leitgeb Norbert - Are children at risk by mobile phone use?

Heidi Danker Hopfe - Are there individual differences on the effect of pulsed GSM 900MHz exposure on polysomnography based sleep quality? 

Marko Markov - Wi-Fi technology - an uncontrolled global experiment on the health of mankind.

Arthur Pilla - EMF therapeutics: from basis science to clinical applications.

Blanka Pophof - Health aspects of static magnetic fields of MRI: Research funded by the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection.

Alex Thomas - Critical Observation: ‘data mining’ EMF research for potential therapeutic effects.

Gerard Dubost -  Morphological transformations of human cancer cells microtubules "in vitro" caused by frequency - Specific pulsed.

Besarion Parsvania - Modelling of early prostate cancer diagnosis by using of near infrared irradiation.  

Maie Bachmann - Higuchi’s fractal dimension for analysis of the effect of microwave exposure in depression.

Robert Stodilka - Hybrid PET/MRI: A new capability to investigate bioelectromagnetic effects on the brain.

Andrzej Wieraszko -  The effect of magnetic stimulation combined with acrobatic exercise on the functional recovery after spinal cord injury.

Nicholas de Klerk - Using childhood leukaemia epidemiological study results in guiding standard setting for exposure to ELF-EM fields. 

Bahram Bolouri - The effects of 217Hz pulsed electromagnetic fields on Alzheimer's disease modeled in Rat. 

Carmela Marino - Strategies for Research on Biological Effects of EMF: Rationales and Procedures of the Experimental Studies.

Alexandre Legros - Human exposure to power-line frequency magnetic fields of up to 50 milliTesla: where is the threshold for an acute neurophysiological effect?

Julien Modolo - Biophysical mathematical models: a new window on the effects of extremely low frequency magnetic fields on human brain activity.

Lubomir Traikov - Comparative fourier analysis of simultaneous registered blood pressure and intravascular laser doppler flawmetry signals to ELF-EMF exposure in rats in vivo.

Christian Beyer - Assessment of Potential Changes in Thermal Melting curve of β – lactoglobulin exposed to RF-EMF and ELF pulsed MF.

Rania Ghosn - Acute exposure to mobile phone and assessment of internal cerebral circulation in young healthy subjects: Transcranial Doppler study.

Janos Rikk - Influence on pulsing electromagnetic field on circulatory system, lipid and glucose metabolism.

Msh Al Salameh - Review on the various biological effects of cellular phone radiations on animals and plants.

Magda Havas - Microwave radiation from a cordless phone affects the heart in double blind, placebo controlled study.

Jolanta Karpowicz - Exposure of nurses to static magnetic fields in contrast application to MRI diagnosed patients.

Kjell Hansson Mild - Occupational EMF exposure of MRI workers.

Philippe Demaret - A method for the evaluation of the risk of the exposition to electromagnetic radiations in the workplaces.

Maila Hietanen - Emerging issues in workers' EMF exposure.

Michel Israel - Exposure assessment of EMF on workplaces with non-thermal levels of exposure.

Michael Bangay - Re-radiation hazards from mobile phone towers.

Lyubina Vesselinova - Somatic findings from screeing investigation among physiotherapy personnel in Bulgaria.

Monica Sandstrom - Electromagnetic field and health: Precautionary approaches in practise.

Norbert Leitgeb - RFID-EMF exposure and pacemaker interference.

Norbert Leitgeb - Cardiac fibrillation by electric stun devices?

Ralf Mounthaan - RF-induced heating near an orthopaedic implant during a magnetic resonance imaging scan.

Maria Christopoulou - Numerical assessment of electromagnetic exposure of child brain regions to small helical antenna radiation.

Massimo Stortini -  Distribution of electric field in car during a telephone call: what kind of exposition to electromagnetic field should we expect?

Benjamin Loader - Assessing the Isotropy of Personal Electromagnetic Field Monitors.

Marta Parazzini - Evaluation of electric field and current density generated by transcranial direct current stimulation or transcutaneous spinal direct current stimulation based on realistic body modelling.

Lourdes Abdilla - Dielectric properties of tumour tissue from 500MHz – 20GHz using open ended coaxial probe technique.

Christian Beyer - Sensitivity of Dielectric Spectroscopy applied to Erythrocyte Suspension of different D-glucose concentration.

Theodoros Samaras - Parametric study of radiofrequency ablation in the clinical practice with two-compartment numerical model. 

Patryk Zradzinski - Human body numerical phantoms in assessment of electromagnetic fields exposure by hand operated industrial and wireless communication devices.

Norbert Leitgeb - Heating versus SAR with regard to EMF limit setting.

Moshe Netzer - Magnetic Field Flux Density (MFFD) from Overhead Isolated Power-line Conductors (OIPLC) due to Imbalanced Neutral Line Current.

Benjamin Votavez - Study of Pulsed Character of Radiation Emitted by Wireless Telecommunication Systems. 

Leena Korpinen - Examples to reduce the EMF generated by HV power transmission lines of different design.

Bartlomiej Zubrzak - GSM base station influence on electroamgnetic field environment in urbanized area.

Dominique Picard - A new SAR meter for the assessment of 3G phone personal exposure.

Dominique Picard - Effect of the electromagnetic properties of equivalent liquid on the radiating antenna matching for SAR measurements. 

Fernando Tomás Pachón García - Exposure analysis of radiations in Wi-fi networks distinguishing different locations of the devices and distinct types of data-traffic.

Gabriela Atanasova - Evaluation of a resonant cavity like a part of microwave exposure system for biological objects.

Hubert Trzaska - EMF Surveying.

Hubert Trzaska - Polarization Problems in bioelectromagnetic experiments. 

Kazuyuki Saito - SAR evaluations around implanted cardiac pacemaker caused by mobile radio terminal.

Kresimir Malaric - Measurements of DVB-T transmitter from the TV tower.

Krzysztof Gryz - Laboratory and field investigations regarding frequency respond of frequency selective RF exposimeters in the multifrequency electromagnetic environment. 

Nikolai Atanasov - Analysis of the interaction in closed space between mobile phone antenna and human head: Effects on SAR.

Paweł Bieńkowski - EMF variability in the surrounding of typical cellular system base stations.

Simona Miclaus - Information embedded in the near field level of the mobile phones during call initiation phase.

Simona Miclaus - Analysis of time-variability of the electric field level in GSM900 downlink channels by the channel-individualised method.

Victoria Zaryabova - Pilot study of extremely low frequency magnetic fields emitted by transformers in dwellings. Social aspects.

Yngve Hamnerius - ELF magnetic fields in Swedish dwellings.

Yoshitsugu Kamimura - The Perception threshold for ULF band currents: comparison among three threshold tracking methods.

Bahram Bolouri - Investigating the use of GNPs in Nerve Regeneration by Electrical Stimulation In vitro.

Simona Miclaus - Biological effects in long-time exposure to EMF. Correlations and interference in experimental and clinical studies.

Fumio Shimamoto - Effect of extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields on aberrant crypt foci and tumors in the colon of rats by Azoxymethane (AOM).

Tunaya Kalkan - Single-Strand Conformation Polymorphism (SSCP) Analysis Of Survivin And Beta-Catenin Genes in Rats which Exposed to 900 Mhz Radiofrequency with Continuous Wave.

Hideyuki Okano - Static magnetic field effects on impaired peripheral vasomotion in conscious rats.

Ivan Pavicic - Proliferation, doubling time and viability of neuroblastoma cells after Global System of Mobile radiofrequency radiation.

Ivancica Trosic - Histological and cytological examination of rat’ reproductive tissue after short-time intermittent radiofrequency exposure.

Izumi Nishimura - Changes in blood hematology and clinical chemistry of pregnant rats exposed to intermediate frequency magnetic fields.

Lyubina Vesselinova - Systematic circulatory effects of ELF-EMF.

Maes Annemarie - Cytome assay in two cell lines exposed to ELF-magnetic fields: An investigation on the relation between exposure to ELF-magnetic fields and an alleged increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

Mahmut Alp Kilic - Influence of Magnetic Fields on Experimental Colon Tumor Model and Effect of Beta-Catenin Interaction.

Maria Christopoulou - microDIAGNOSIS: Microwave-based diagnosis for pneumothorax and detection of air cavities in body.

Teodora Apostolova - Influence of magnetic irradiation on frog.

Besarion Partsvania - Should Peak spatial SARs be considered in guidelines for EMS exposure limits?

Jolanta Karpowicz - Internet support for workers and enterprises in the prevention system of occupational hazards caused by physical agents.

Krzysztof Gryz - Induced and contact currents assessment in the physiotherapeutic medical center.

Leena Korpinen - A comparison of occupational electric field exposures during working tasks at 400 kV and 110 kV substations.

Mihaela Ivanova - Risk from UV radiation in working environment in medical units.

Marta Parazzini - The EC project EFHRAN.

Tomoaki Nagaoka - High-Fidelity Modeling of Human Fetuses in the Second and Third Trimesters of Pregnancy.













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