14th European Workshop on Natural Language Generation

Two Special Events at ENLG 2013

ENLG 2013 is organized as an ACL workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria, and is endorsed by the ACL Special Interest Group on Generation (SIGGEN).

Invited speakers are:

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a subfield of Natural Language Processing that focuses on the derivation of coherent text or speech from some underlying non-linguistic representation of information. Contemporary work in NLG ranges from a focus on specific tasks, such as linguistic realisation of semantic forms and the generation of referring expressions; to complete solutions, ranging from data-to-text systems which summarise raw numerical datasets, to the embedding of NLG components in multimedia and hypertext environments or interactive systems. Given its focus on the generation of text or speech, the field of NLG has clear links to other areas of NLP, such as Automatic Summarisation, Machine Translation, and Dialogue Systems.

The ENLG 2013 workshop continues a biennial series of workshops on natural language generation that has been running since 1987. Previous European workshops have been held at Royaumont, Edinburgh, Judenstein, Pisa, Leiden, Duisburg, Toulouse, Budapest, Aberdeen, Dagstuhl, Athens and Nancy. The series provides a regular forum for presentation of research in this area, both for NLG specialists and for researchers from other areas.

The 2013 edition will continue the tradition of ENLG workshops, but also seeks to enhance the ties between the NLG community and related communities. In particular, we are seeking to encourage participation from the Automatic Summarisation community, emphasising the links between these two areas and aiming for greater cross-fertilisation between the two.

ENLG 2013 will also include a special event dedicated to the Generation Challenges.

We hope to see you all in Sofia!
Albert Gatt (University of Malta) and Horacio Saggion (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona).