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EPMA as the European Coordinator in the field of Predictive, Preventive & Personalised Medicine

Predictive Medicine is a new philosophy in healthcare and an attractive subject for currently initiated research activities aimed at a potential application of innovative biotechnologies in the prediction of human pathologies, a development of well-timed prevention and individual therapy-planning. The issue has several aspects which allow the expectations of great advantages for predictive diagnostics and personalised treatment as the medicine of the future. Amongst the most important aspects are a well-organised population screening, targeted prevention of the frequent pathologies, non- or minimally-invasive diagnostics, optimal therapy planning, personalised patient treatment, substantial improvement of the quality of life and the plausible solutions for particular social, ethical as well as serious economical problems. This decisive progress can be achieved only by well-coordinated fulfilment of the following components that are crucial for the practical realisation of this new philosophy in healthcare:

  1. adequate investment creating novel technologies;
  2. development of non- or minimally invasive diagnostic tools;
  3. well-organised process for exchange and transfer of knowledge among biomedical research entities and biotechnological industries for production of the advanced diagnostic tools;
  4. quality assurance through the introduction of international standards for technological tools and devices, patenting and licenses;
  5. correct professional education in terms of the application of biotechnological high-tech in medicine;
  6. intelligent political regulations in the healthcare sector: introduction of the obligatory guidelines and clear regulations for the health insurance industry to ensure patients needs are met;
  7. measures to ensure confidentiality of patient information and personal databank;
  8. distribution of relevant information among healthcare professionals and users.

These coordinated measures should be well-focused on solving the accumulating problems in healthcare and the concomitant economical burden that societies across the globe are facing more and more. The mission of the European Coordinator in this field is performed by the European Association for Predictive, Preventive and Personalised Medicine with its headquarters in Brussels where the Association is registered.

(Source: EPMA)

Last Updated: 20 December 2016

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