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Posters should be printed with a portrait  orientation and in size A1 (594mm width x 841mm high).

Panel Proposals and Abstracts for individual research papers are invited for the 17th ICPLA Conference to be held in Malta between 23 and 25 October 2018.  

(I) Panel Proposals

To encourage collaboration and topical coherence within the field of Clinical Linguistics and Phonetics, Panel Proposals on any topic relevant to the Conference should be submitted by 07 February 2018 (new extended deadline). Panel Proposals should consist of a brief outline (300 words) of the theme and purpose of the Panel, with an indication of the people the organiser/s anticipate/s as speakers in the Panel. Panels are collections of 3-5 individual paper presentations that relate to a narrowly defined topic of interest. Panel Organisers are asked to avoid, if at all possible, restricting their Panel to an in-group; openness and diversity of perspectives is compatible with topical coherence. 

Accepted Panels will be given a time slot of 90 minutes. A list of accepted Panels will be posted on the website by 25 March 2018.

The Organiser of a Panel is the person responsible for securing the cooperation of all the participants who are to be involved in the Panel and for deciding on the internal structure of the Panel. 

Access the Online Panel Proposal Form here.


(II) Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts for contributions to Panels (subject to the Panel Organiser's prior approval) and Individual Abstracts for Oral Presentations and Posters on any topic relevant to the Conference theme must be submitted no later than 08 March 2018 (new extended deadline). The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the author's option. 

All Abstracts will be evaluated through peer-reviewing and authors will be notified of acceptance by 25 March 2018. Acceptance of Abstract will be based on proof of Registration by at least one of the authors. In case of multiple authors Conference Registration of the presenter is essential.

Access the Online Abstract Submission Form here


- Panel Proposal Submission Deadline: 07 February 2018. (new extended deadline)

- Accepted Panels will be posted on the website by 25 March 2018. 

- Deadline for Submission of Abstracts for Individual Oral/Poster Presentations08 March 2018 (new extended deadline).

- Abstract Acceptance Notification: 25 March 2018.

Guidelines for Submission of Abstracts: 

Abstracts should consist of 300 words max. and be based on research that is completed or clearly in progress, with a well-formulated research question and a good description of the type(s) of data used (if the work is empirical), the theoretical and methodological approach and the results/conclusions.  

• For Posters, a clear description of a research design may be acceptable, as this can lead to useful discussions in the early stages of a project. Posters will be up for one whole day. During that day, there will be a specific time slot during which the presenters will be present beside their poster for discussion. 

• For Oral Presentations, 20-minute slots will be available (including discussion time).  

• It is the individual submitter’s choice to submit for an Oral Presentation or a Poster. However, the Organising Committee may allocate your presentation to a Poster Session rather than an Oral Session.

• Posters should be printed with a portrait orientation and in size A1 (594mm width x 841mm high).  

The official language of the Conference is English. Posters and Oral Presentations must therefore be in English. 

Last Updated: 9 April 2018

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