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Marian C Brady Keynote Speech
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Optimising clinical rehabilitation for people with aphasia – co-ordination and application of shared knowledge and the exploration of new, unknown challenges and opportunities

Professor Marian C Brady 

Every two seconds someone in the world experiences a stroke. Every five seconds it takes a life. Increasing numbers of people are surviving thanks to significant advances in acute stroke intervention. Stroke causes the most (and the widest range of) disability compared to any other condition. Approximately two thirds of stroke survivors leave hospital with a disability. With changing demographics the burden of stroke is expected to double over the next two decades. 

Clinical linguistics is vital to our optimization of aphasia evaluation, diagnosis and rehabilitation. Applied alongside the shared knowledge of other aphasia researchers and clinicians, the impact is significant. Large scale multidisciplinary collaborative efforts have been vital in supporting knowledge sharing, collation of existing information, review of data quality and co-ordination. From these foundations we are in a unique position to develop new knowledge, identify sparse, unchartered areas of aphasia science and take steps to address them.

I will review some of the latest developments in aphasia research and discuss how a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach has optimised the assessment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of people with aphasia.  

Last Updated: 24 November 2017

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