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A 2-day Symposium, 1-day Field Trip and 2-day Autumn School


This event will critically discuss the evolution of tourism in small island societies and economies, particularly from labour market and human resource management perspectives. The Working Language of the Conference is English.

Tourism has become the default mainstay of many small island states and territories: the tantalising ‘island lure’ – with its accompanying tropes of exoticity and pleasure – continues to have a powerful effect on tourist preferences. Concurrently, the small island context exacerbates issues relating to land use conflicts in finite yet much sought after and densely populated coastal regions. There is also a heavy dependence on air transportation to transport tourists in and out of island destinations, with the cruise ship tourism segment growing stronger.

We encourage presentations to adopt, where relevant, a particular focus on the Mediterranean: a maritime and littoral context that persists as the world’s top tourism regional destination. At the same, time, the industry is challenged by its maturity and strong incentives to move away from anodyne ‘sun, sea and sand’ packages; by the increasing liberalisation, temporalisation and subcontracting of employment practices in hospitality and catering; the engagement of immigrant labour; as well as by an uncertain political climate, especially on its North African coast. 

Suggested Themes

Those planning to present papers at the 2-day symposium are encouraged to address one or more of the following themes:

  • The comparative study of the growth and/or decline of small island tourism.
  • The relationship between military bases and tourism on small islands.
  • The relationship between financial and banking services and tourism on small islands.
  • Dependence on air transportation for island tourism: bottleneck and/or strategic management tool?
  • Still the same ‘sun, sea and sand’ island tourism destinations: is this a bankrupt model?
  • The challenges of integrating immigrant labour into island tourism labour markets.
  • Debating the dilemma: upgrading tourism facilities; downgrading labour contracts?
  • The impact of low cost airlines on island tourism: economic and labour market perspectives.
  • The impact of cruise ships on island tourism; economic and labour market perspectives.
Last Updated: 15 November 2016

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