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MALTA: 22 -25 January 2018

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Staticorbits in Rotating Spacetimes - Lucas Collodel, Burkhard Kleihaus and Jutta Kunz

New Teleparallel Gravity Models - Martin Krssak 

On some properties of purely axial torsion waves - Vedad Pasic

Unimodular quantum gravity and the classical limit - Natascha Riahi

Linear potentials in galaxy halos by Asymmetric Wormholes - Sebastian Bahamonde 

Dynamical systems approach and generic properties of f (T) cosmology - Ulbossyn Ualikhanova




The Black Holes of the Gravitational Universe: Genesis & Growth - Monica Colpi

Dynamical Origin of black hole binaries - Bence Kocsis

GW and EM signals from numerical simulations of compact binary mergers - Albino Perego

Shedding light on Dark Matter with Gravitational Waves - Gianfranco Bertone

Cosmology and Cosmography with GWs (in the context of WG1g) - Germano Nardini

Multiwavelength properties of gamma-ray loud binaries - Maria Chernyakova



Standard sirens cosmography with LISA - Nicola Tarmanini

Black holes from other black holes? - Davide Gerosa

BH mergers induced by tidal encounters with a galactic centre MBH - Shiho Kobayashi & Joseph John Fernande

Model-independent constraints on astrophysical parameters of gravitational-wave sources - Bence Bécsy

Coalescing binary black holes originating from globular clusters - Dorota Gondek-Rosinska 

Relativistic mergers of black hole binaries have (1) large, similar masses, (2) low spins and (3) are circular - Pau Amaro Seoane 

Primordial black hole formation during the QCD phase transition - Christian Byrnes 

Searching for continuous gravitational-­‐waves from spinning neutron stars - Alicia Sintes 

Supermassive black holes and their environment in active galactic nuclei: A peculiar case of Circinus galaxy - Marko Stalevski 

A study of compact objects with X-ray reflection  - Sourabh Nampalliwar 

Gravitational Wave Recoil in Analytical and Numerical Galaxy Potential - Majda Smole, Miroslav Micic & Ana Mitrasinovic




Working Group 2: Introduction and Overview - Leor Barack

Post-Newtonian and Post-Minkowskian Approximations - Alexandre Le Tiec 

Numerical Relativity in Astrophysics - Patricia Schmidt

Numerical Relativity in Fundamental Physics - Ulrich Sperhake  



A new algorithm for characteristic extraction and matching in numerical relativity - Nigel T. Bishop

Gravitational waves from eccentric binary black hole coalescence - Maria Haney 

Fourier domain gravitational waveforms for precessing eccentric binaries - Yannick Boetzel 

Spin effects on binary systems in the EFT approach: radiation reaction  -  Natália Tenório Maia

Secular Dynamics of precessing compact binaries - Zoltan Keresztes

Tidal deformations in coalescing compact binary systems - Tiziano Abdelsalhim 

Zoom-Whirl Orbits of Spinning bodies in rotating space-times - Balazs Mikoczi

Gravitational-wave spin memory effect for compact binaries - David A. Nichols 

Gravitational multipole moments from Noether charges - Roberto Oliveri 

Analytic Signatures of High Spin Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals and Mergers - Geoffrey Compère 

Gravitational Waves from Domain Walls moving in Media - Dmitry Galtsov  




Working Group 3: Black holes and fundamental physics - Thomas P. Sotiriou

BHs beyond GR - Enrico Barausse

Black hole perturbation theory and fundamental physics - Paolo Pani

Compact binaries in alternative theories of gravity - Carlos Palenzuela



Gravitational Wave Signatures from String Theory? - Bert Vercnocke 

To be a black hole, or not to be a black hole - Andrea Maselli 

Charged Boson Stars and Black Holes in Horndeski Gravity - Yosef Verbin

Exotic Compact Objects and how to quench their ergoregion instability - Elisa Maggio 

How well can ultracompact bodies imitate ringing black holes? - Kostas Glampedakis

New Gauss-Bonnet Black Holes with curvature induced scalarization in the extended scalar-tensor theories - Stoytcho Yazadjiev 

Spontaneous scalarization of black holes in scalar-tensor gravity - Leonardo Gualtieri 

Spontaneous scalarization with an extremely massive field and heavy neutron stars - Teruaki Suyama

Compact stars in massive scalar-tensor theories – models and gravitational wave emission - Daniela Doneva

Scalar field coupling with matter inside scalarized neutron stars - Nicola Franchini 

Modifying gravity through instabilities - Fethi M Ramazanonglu 

Penrose-like process in shift-symmetric Horndeski - Mehdi Saravani



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